Mtn Dew Cooked Up a Controversial New Flavor for the Holidays

What comes to mind when you hear the word “fruitcake”? For me, it’s definitely the children’s novel Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake from back when I read lots of books. To give you some context, that book is a chapter book for children ages 5 through 8 and is like 50 pages long with 18-point font…I really need to start reading books again. But somehow the plot of this particular book stayed with me all these years–Junie B. ends up at a cakewalk, where she unknowingly selects a fruitcake wrapped in foil. None of the characters in the book, even the adults, will eat it due to its “yucky bluckiness,” and she ultimately ends up using it as a booster seat at the kitchen table. The end.

To be completely honest, I’ve never really had fruitcake, mostly because of this book. But forget all that because here’s the big news: Mtn Dew just released their holiday flavor for the year, and it’s a fruitcake-flavored Mtn Dew called Fruit Quake (on sale now).

What would fruitcake Mtn Dew even be like? Will it be yucky and blucky? Is Mtn Dew running out of ideas? Why didn’t they just make a cranberry-flavored soda like everybody else?

As for what this fruitcake Mtn Dew stuff will be like, all we really know is that the soda will be dark red and will taste like “Dew with artificial fruitcake flavor,” according to the label. Wow Mtn Dew, so descriptive! Although, I’m really not the person to say if this description is sufficient or not. I’ve never had fruitcake and just assume it tastes like raisins and maraschino cherries so…maybe the drink will work? Okay, breaking news: just looked it up, and apparently, fruitcake tastes like “dried fruit, spices, and alcohol.” That actually doesn’t sound bad at all! Kind of like a rum ball or a charoset or, I don’t know, exactly like the Sprite Spiced Cranberry except raisin-y instead of cranberry-y. In other words, maybe this new concoction (available now through the end of December) will actually be…good?

This isn’t Mtn Dew’s first holiday-flavor rodeo. Since 2017 they have been releasing new seasonal holiday flavors, starting with Holiday Brew (Code Red + Mtn Dew) in 2017, Merry Mash-up (Cranberry Pomegranate) in 2018, Gingerbread Snap’d in 2021, and now, Fruit Quake. And there are rumors of a candy cane-flavored one called Cobra Cane coming out next holiday season in 2023. Mtn Dew generally knows what they are doing with flavors it would seem, so I guess all we can really dew is let them dew what they dew, and who knows? Maybe this will be the best seasonal Mtn Dew flavor yet. Are you going to try it? I might just give this one a chance and make my own choices this time instead of still letting Junie B. Jones make them for me 20 years later.

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