Goodles, Gal Gadot’s Healthy Mac and Cheese, Is Coming to Whole Foods

I have a question: Is the “better for you” boxed mac and cheese brand Goodles, which counts actress Gal Gadot as a founding partner, pronounced goo-dles (like noodles)? Or good-les (like good-els)? Please let me know in the comments. Because I want Gal Gadot to be my friend and there’s no way I’ll to achieve that if I’m going around pronouncing her pasta wrong. But no matter how you pronounce it, the fact is: Goodles is now being sold at Whole Foods stores nationwide, as opposed to solely online. That means Goodles just got a whole lot goodl-er! Or at least more convenient. 

So what are Goodles and what makes them so good(le) for you?

Goodles was co-founded by Gal Gadot and released online in November 2021 as a “better for you” mac and cheese option. Better for you, how, exactly? Well according to Gal Gadot, my BFF (in reality, I have never met Gal Gadot, but I think she and I would hit it off, don’t you?), Goodles mac and cheese contains “clean ingredients, nutrients, protein, prebiotics and high fiber.” And honestly, she may be my best friend in the world (besides Trader Joe’s), but I have to admit that is a pretty vague description. So let’s dig a little deeper.

Turns out, there are currently five flavors of Goodles, but the ones headed to Whole Foods are the two most popular flavors: Cheddy Mac, which is a classic creamy cheddar mac and cheese, and Shella Good, which is an aged white cheddar version with shell pasta. Can I just say, Gal? Great name choices. According to Goodles, both flavors contain 15 grams of protein and six grams of fiber (with prebiotics) per one-cup prepared serving. They also contain zero artificial flavors or preservatives. That’s pretty neat! It’s just like my good friend Gal Gadot to take a delicious food that’s as beloved as it is unhealthy and make a version that actually has some nutritional value. 

The other three flavors, Twist My Parm, Mover & Shaker (cacio e pepe-inspired), and a brand new dairy-free, plant-based mac and cheese called Vegan Is Believin’, will be hitting Whole Foods shelves later this month. I can’t believe it! I can finally buy boatloads of cheesy noodly goodness and justify it because it’s healthy for me (and I’m supporting my BFF’s business). Thank you, Gal Gadot. I don’t think this is a goodle idea—I think it’s a greatle one! (Sorry to be cheesy.)

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  • I’m team Goo-dles, and also this article was hilarious.