Guy Fieri Is Bringing Flavortown to the Frozen Aisle

It’s finally happened. Our girl Guy Fieri does not gatekeep, and has at long last blessed us, the bourgeoise, with a not-so-exclusive golden ticket to Flavortown. Yes, you read that right, Guy Fieri just released a line of frozen Flavortown-branded entrees available now exclusively at Walmart. This is exciting stuff my DDDudes (get it? Triple D?). But as exciting as it is, I am more curious than anything else, and I, much like you I’m sure, have about as many questions as Guy Fieri has frosted-tipped hairs on his head. That is to say, all of them.

What will these Guy Fieri frozen meals be? Will I have a Ratatouille moment where I’m transported to Flavortown instead of my childhood? Does Flavortown have universal health care?

First thing’s first, as much as it pains me to say it, I don’t actually think Flavortown is a real place (but a girl can dream). Second thing’s second, it looks like this Guy Fieri frozen food line will consist of exactly four different entrees: Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Bowl, Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese, Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna, and Sweet and Sour Pork. The packaging features the icon himself in his classic stance—arms crossed, tips frosted—and there is also a signature of sorts (maybe his signature?) that just says “Guy!” which feels very on-brand for him. The guy truly is en-food-siasm incarnate.

As for what the entrees are like (I’m sure you didn’t just come here to read my thoughts on what a legend Guy Fieri is), the enchilada bowl is seasoned pulled chicken with cheese, enchilada sauce, and tortilla strips; the sloppy joe mac is essentially that: mac n cheese with sloppy joe sauce on top; the lasagna is essentially a mini lasagna with pepperoni; and the sweet and sour pork is pork and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce over rice. And I don’t know if I am just really hungry right now, but those all sound pretty appetizing to me. One could say that they sound very flavorful. Or even that they sound very flavortown (admittedly not an adjective but work with me here). I think these all sound like things that will “frozen meal” well, present a lot of variety for those looking to expand their frozen food palette, and, hopefully, make us feel like we are eating food straight from the flame-emblazoned kitchen of Guy Fieri himself. My one note is that I hope there are other veggies in the sweet and sour pork—just pork and pineapple can be a bit one-note in large quantities. But other than that I am definitely picking up what Guy is putting down. Literally. I’m going to Walmart to pick some up right now.

These Guy Fieri frozen meals can be found at Walmart stores nationwide for $6.24 each, so if you want your very own personal Flavortown waiting for you in your freezer for dinner, dive-in and drive on over to Walmart and give these a try!

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