Hägen-Dazs Is Making Something You Can Eat When You Want Ice Cream for Breakfast

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Häagen-Dazs dazs what they dazs best, and what they dazs best is ice cream. In fact, Sporked’s favorite vanilla ice cream (like, ever) is good ol’ Häagen-Dazs vanilla. But now Häagen-Dazs dazs something else. Yes, they still do ice cream (don’t you worry your little heäd), but now you can justify having Häagen-Dazs at every meal with their new Häagen-Dazs yogurt called Cultured Crème. I know. It sounds unbelievably fancy.

Is it ice cream-flavored yogurt? Is it just super creamy, sweet, delicious yogurt? What are the flavors of Häagen-Dazs yogurt and are any of them mint chocolate chip and if not, why not?

Just some questions I’m sure we are all equally curious about. Turns out the Häagen-Dazs yogurts are somewhat ice cream flavored, or, rather, “inspired by fan-favorite Häagen-Dazs ice cream varieties,” according to Häagen-Dazs. The varieties in question? Vanilla Bean, Strawberry (made with actual handpicked strawberries), Coffee (made with Colombian cold brew coffee), Lemon, Blueberry, and Black Cherry. So I would say they did a great job of studying the big dairy Venn diagram in the sky and choosing some pretty popular flavors from within the little football-shaped overlap between ice cream and yogurt. Plus, in terms of what it actually is as a product, Häagen-Dazs Cultured Crème truly does seem to be a sweet, thick, creamy, yogurt experience (emphasis on thick). According to the press release, Häagen-Dazs yogurt is fermented longer than most yogurts to “create a thick, creamy texture reminiscent of ice cream,” and it also “uses a unique blend of dairy cultures that offer a smoother taste experience, unlike the slightly sour flavor of traditional yogurt.” So in summary, as compared to other yogurts, this one will be thicker, less tangy, and more ice cream flavored (but no, unfortunately not mint chocolate chip…yet). You can buy these rich and creamy ice cream-inspired yogurts starting this month at your local grocery store, and they are priced at $1.99 each.

Now. Would I spend $2 to try this even though I rarely buy yogurt and am somewhat lactose-intolerant? Yeah, I think I would. So I’m going to go find myself some ice cream yogurt and see if it Häagen-Dazs taste anything like Häagen-Dazs ice cream dazs.

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