Gravy Mayo Exists—But Not in the U.S. (Yet!)

Let’s cut to the chase: Hellmann’s is releasing a new trio of mayo flavors in the U.K. and one of them is Gravy Mayo.

Take that in for a second. A gravy mayo exists. Imagine that mixed into mashed potatoes or potato salad, slathered on a turkey and cranberry sandwich or a fried chicken sandwich with pickles, and, perhaps most importantly, imagine it with chicken tenders and fries. Now stop imagining, because if you are in the U.S., you can’t have it. It is only being released in the U.K. in April. I’ll give you a moment to cry.

Alright, let’s keep going.

It was created to unite England—a tall task for a condiment. When it comes to “chip” condiments, north and south England neatly fall into two separate camps: gravy and mayo, respectively. And they stand by those choices and defend them most fiercely. This new Gravy Mayo condiment may just be the squeeze-bottle-encased, khaki-colored champion of the people that brings the entire country of England together.

Honestly, the U.S. could really use a dose of that togetherness. Hellmann’s, you have the power! Do us next! I think I speak for all of America (and possibly Canada) when I say that Gravy Mayo may just be the thing that gets us through 2022. That is, if it ever makes its way over to this side of the pond.

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Jessica Block is a freelance contributor to Sporked, a comedian, a baker, a food writer, and a firm believer that Trader Joe's may just be the happiest place on earth. She loves spicy snacks, Oreos, baking bread, teeny tiny avocados, and trying new foods whenever she can. Also, if you give her a bag of Takis she will be your best friend.

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  • Thank you for this, but it seems to me that we don’t need a pre-made gravy mayo, but could perhaps make a really good one ourselves? Someone get Josh to work on that please! 😁

  • agreed, good article

  • I am ahead of the game on this on. I’ve been mixing mayo with my kfc gravy for ages and I can definitively say that it’s freaking delicious! I already like mayo in mashed potatoes so it was a natural progression for me lol.