We Tasted the New Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch—Does It Live Up to Its Pickley Promise?

Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch is the newest addition to the HVR family. While I love their classic ranch, their flavored ranches haven’t blown me out of the water in the past. That being said, I love pickles.

We snagged a bottle of the new Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch to see if it’s actually as good as it sounds. Pickle lovers, scroll down to get the tea (or, should I say, brine).

hidden valley pickle ranch

New Product!

Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch

Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch is so perfectly pickle-y. It is truly a blend of the ranch you know and love and dill pickles. And I think that’s really important to note: It tastes like dill pickles, not just dill. I was worried because ranch dressing already has dill in it. Would the real pickle-ness of it all get lost in the literal sauce? Thankfully, it didn’t!

This has a strong dill taste and a tangy vinegar zing that really makes you think of pickles. This would be spectacular on a turkey sandwich or burger or as a dip for chicken tenders. Potato salad made with this? I can’t even. I have a dream of dipping fried pickle spears in this Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch. I think it would send my taste buds straight to space. If you like pickles, you should go buy this ASAP.

One note for Hidden Valley: Your “Easy Squeeze” packaging is … too easy to squeeze? It really shoots out a jet-force stream of ranch. Your hearts are in the right place, but the execution is off.




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