Jet-Puffed’s New Fall Marshmallows Are Extremely Cute

I love marshmallows: They’re gooey, poofy, and floofy, and those are the three most important criteria I look for in my food. But I’m on the fence about flavored marshmallows, since I have yet to taste one that nails both the flavor and the marshmallow texture. However, that could all soon change because Jet-Puffed is launching not one, but two fall marshmallow flavors: Candy Corn Marshmallows and Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows. And I have high hopes for these fluffy little fall treats.

So what can I expect these candy corn and pumpkin spice marshmallows to taste like?

Great question! It’s purely speculation, since no one has tried these yet, but I would guess the pumpkin spice marshmallows are more on the fake-tasting side of pumpkin spice, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think artificial-tasting pumpkin spice is like artificial-tasting maple syrup—it’s just a matter of preference, but neither option is right or wrong. All I’m saying is, I would be VERY surprised if these Jet-Puffed marshmallows waltzed in here tasting all artisanal. Same goes for the candy corn marshmallows, which I imagine will taste exactly like candy corn. Marshmallows and candy corn don’t taste that different to begin with, so I say there’s no way Jet-Puffed gets this one wrong.

So while we don’t know what they taste like yet, we do know what they look like. The pumpkin spice marshmallows are kind of beige and shaped like the world’s floofiest little pumpkins, and the candy corn marshmallows are literally shaped like candy corn. Both flavors are ADORABLE. How many foods can you say look adorable? Another point for marshmallows. 

So how exactly would you eat a pumpkin spice or candy corn-flavored marshmallow?

Well, there are no rules. But I imagine these pumpkin spice ‘mallows would be delicious melted into coffee or hot cocoa. You could mix the candy corn ‘mallows into Rice Krispy Treats. And you could definitely use them both as Halloween cookie decorations. Ugh, I am an adult with a job and all I want right now is flavored marshmallows in cute little shapes. Can anyone relate? Please tell me one of you can relate. 

In other news, these bad boys are available now at Target and Walmart. If you get them, let me know how they taste! Both because I’m curious and because I want confirmation that I am not alone in my adult love of marshmallows.

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