Kellogg’s Releases Green Slime Cereal to Stoke Your ’90s Nostalgia

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch Nickelodeon except for their Saturday morning cartoons, but that didn’t stop me from developing an irrational fear that I could get “slimed” (like the guests on ’80s and ‘90s Nickelodeon shows) at any moment, no matter where I was. At the time, I thought that getting green slime dumped on my head was the worst possible thing that a person could go through. But now that I have to pay for gas in California, it doesn’t seem so bad. And thanks to a new Kellogg’s cereal, Apple Jacks Slime, now I can even slime myself if I want to. 

That’s right, Kellogg’s has teamed up with Nickelodeon to bring us a special edition green apple-flavored cereal that will turn your cereal milk green so you can dump it on your own head (talk about exposure therapy). I’m kidding—kind of. I don’t think dumping of the milk on yourself is supposed to be part of the experience. But the rest of what I said is true: This new Apple Jacks cereal is co-branded with Nickelodeon, tastes like green apple (instead of apple cinnamon like the originals), and apparently “turns milk green right before your eyes.”

It’s not clear exactly when this version of the classic cereal was released but it was first spotted last week at Walmart. So if you are trying to hunt it down, maybe start there! And according to the Kellogg’s website, it is also being sold at Dollar General, Walgreens, Target, Safeway, and CVS, among a slew of other stores. Just be wary when you’re in the store buying it, because some random Nickelodeon employee could be lurking somewhere in the aisles, waiting to dump a thick green liquid all over your weekend shopping trip. This probably won’t happen, but the chance isn’t zero—I’m bringing an umbrella just in case.

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