Move Aside, Reese’s Puffs! Kit Kat Cereal Is Coming

Chirp. Oh, what’s that little guy? Chirp chirp. Whoa! Thanks for the information. Ahem. Hello, beloved reader. A little birdie told me some wonderful news: Kit Kat cereal is coming to U.S. grocery shelves. Nestle announced last month that it was releasing a Kit Kat cereal in the UK and Ireland, but it seemed like the U.S. might be left out of the fun. Then, late last week, a popular grocery-centric Instagram account revealed that General Mills has its own version in the works for release here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

So, what do we know so far about Kit Kat cereal (besides that we definitely want to eat it)?

Well, you can throw out your Reese’s Puffs, because another excellent chocolate candy (the fifth best chocolate bar, in our estimation) is finally being made into something that’s acceptable to eat for breakfast. The Instagram account Candy Hunting—which published images of the packaging—wrote, “New Kit Kat cereal is hitting US shelves soon! Thanks to General Mills for the news.” Though a release date hasn’t been confirmed, word is it will arrive at stores in June. If the comments on Candy Hunting’s Instagram post are any indication, people seem split on this new cereal. Some are thrilled; others have concerns.

Apparently, some commenters are of the opinion that America doesn’t need yet another sugary breakfast option. To them, I say, “Hush.” Other folks in the comments have actually had the Kit Kat cereal that’s been released in the UK and Germany, and said that the flavor was disappointing. To them, I say: “I’ve had European Kit Kats, and they’ve got nothing on the sugary American version.” Sure, Brits made Kit Kats first and, sure, Japan has made every iteration of the Kit Kat out there, but neither of them have anything on my Kit Kat. Why? Non-American Kit Kats tend to have a milder flavor because they contain less sugar and have more cocoa and fat. This results in a smoother, richer (and duller) flavor. American Kit Kats, however, are built to stimulate your taste buds and launch you straight into heaven. It’s not about having the fanciest chocolate, it’s about having a good time. Anyway, there’s a chance the American version of the cereal will sweeter and more flavorful. I’m putting that out there into the universe—you’re welcome!

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