4 Kitchen Gadget Gifts You Should Never Buy for Anyone

Kitchen gadgets seem like they would be great gifts. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are! The best kitchen gadgets can be super useful and perfect for handing out on birthdays, Chanukah, or anniversaries. Most kitchen gadgets are, however, more of a burden than a gift.

Use our list to make sure you don’t commit a purchasing faux pas this holiday season. All your gift recipients’ kitchen cabinets will thank you for not purchasing one of these completely unnecessary kitchen gadget gifts no one needs.

DASH Mini Waffle Makers

Literally everyone you know already owns one of these kitchen gadgets. Do not keep buying them. I promise you do not need to buy your Irish friend one that makes waffles that look like four-leaf clovers. It seems like a cute gift, but it takes up space and most people are not making waffles from scratch that often. Really good frozen waffles exist.

Anything With a Bunch of Parts

This spiralizer is a great example of something that might be useful but does not make a good gift. Maybe you’re an absolute freak for spiralizing. That’s awesome! Buy this! Don’t, however, gift someone something like this with a million pieces and parts. It’s such a pain to clean and store and often ends up being too much trouble to even take out of the cabinet.

Indoor S’mores Kit

No one, I repeat, no one is eating s’mores so much that they want this giant contraption in their home 24/7. Plus, you can make s’mores over your grill or gas stove or on an actual campfire. I love s’mores and I don’t even want this! Opt for kitchen gadget gifts that serve more than one purpose instead.

Fancy Wine Accouterments

Wine gadgets might seem like some of the best kitchen gadget gifts, but they’re not. Let me explain why: People who like wine enough to need fancy wine accouterments already have them. Normal people don’t need fancy wine accouterments. This gift will either be redundant or unnecessary.

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