6 LaCroix Flavors That Should Exist

I remember a time when our sparkling water options were pretty much limited to Perrier and good ol’ SanPellegrino. Then one day, seemingly overnight, I started seeing LaCroix (laKWAH if you’re fancy, laCROY if you’re saying it correctly). These people must know how to market and/or make a product people desperately want because, here we are, almost ten years after the sparkling water brand inexplicably boomed in 2015, and ya boix LaCroix is still going strong. But as with any flavor-based product, you have to keep producing new and interesting flavors to keep the attention of the masses, so strap in, LaCroix development team, because I’m about to give you six new LaCroix flavors that should exist, and I’m giving ‘em to you for free.


I mean come on, would this not be the most refreshing thing you’ve ever had in your whole GD LIFE?! The floral, citrusy, juicy, tangy notes of yuzu mixed with the tickly, effervescent bubbles—my gosh, it screams summer louder than the East High student body at the beginning of High School Musical 2: 2 Musical 2 Furious.

Strawberries and Cream

I thought lemon- and lime-flavored seltzers were refreshing yet boring. Then I tried LaCroix Key Lime and Limoncello flavors and realized all lemon and lime needed in order to become main character sparkling water flavors was a little boost of complexity from some added vanilla notes. Trust me, a strawberries and cream LaKWAH would make your day.

Orange Creamsicle

On a similar note, they have an Orange flavor and a Tangerine flavor already. Just add a lil vanilla to the Orange and LaCroix, baby, you’re in business (not that you weren’t already making billions off of selling water like the geniuses you are—just saying, I think this couldn’t hurt).


Speaking of refreshing things, Lychee is one of those flavors that gives the illusion of sweetness even when it’s unsweetened. And if you’ve ever had one of those lychee jelly cups from an Asian grocery store, then yardi know how refreshing this flavor could be when applied to bubbly water. But in case you don’t know, the answer is “very.”  It would be very refreshing. Trust me.

Passionfruit Green Tea

I know LaCroix is a passionfruit flavor already but this one would be different. I’m thinking like the flavor of a passionfruit green tea you would get at a boba shop—the earthy complexity of the tea, the sweet and bright passionfruit flavor, and the slight bitter astringency on the end. Plus, they could consider adding some caffeine to this and compete with Celsius.

Muscat Grape

If you’ve never had a Muscat grape, they truly do hit different. They have an almost tropical flavor to them, are very sweet, and (surprise!) are the grape used to make Moscato wine. But here’s the thing: a grape-flavored drink will be bad nine times out of ten, in my opinion. Muscat grape-flavored drinks, on the other hand? I have yet to taste a bad one. And I’ve had at least three, so that’s quite the sample size, sort of. If you’ve ever tried these Kasugai gummies you’ll know the flavor I’m talking about—highly recommend.

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