7 Mtn Dew Flavors That Should Exist

I have to admit, it wasn’t easy to come up with ideas for new Mtn Dew Flavors. I mean, there are already so many Mtn Dew flavors, it’s tough to think of ones they haven’t released at one point or another. Mtn Dew has given us everything from melon to “sour candy” (this year’s Halloween VooDEW flavor) to Goji Citrus Strawberry. What more could a girl want? Well, sit back and relax, because I’m about to tell you exactly what more this girl wants. Here are our ideas for new Mtn Dew flavors.


It’s beverage rule number one: There should always be a passionfruit flavor. I don’t trust brands that don’t have a passionfruit flavor at this point. (It’s worth noting that Mtn Dew Passionfruit Frenzy has apparently existed exclusively in New Zealand for a decade already. Where’s our passionfruit, Mtn Dew? Rude.)

Guava Grapefruit

Wouldn’t this be so refreshing? The sour and bitter floral character of the grapefruit with the sour and sweet floral character of the guava would combine to make a super balanced sweet, sour, bitter masterpiece and I want it.


In the scheme of possible new Mtn Dew flavors, this wouldn’t be all that shocking. The shocking part is that this hasn’t happened yet. I mean come on, a cola flavor?! People would drink that ish up. (Though maybe they aren’t doing this because they are owned by Pepsi and don’t want to cannibalize their own corporation? I don’t know, I say go for it anyway.)

SOUR Blue Raspberry

I know Mtn Dew has released Dark Berry and Voltage, which both have blue raspberry flavor along with others, but I’m talking straight up Blue ICEE meets copious amounts of citric acid. I want it to be blue, I want it to be aggressively and exclusively blue raspberry flavored, and I want it to be puckeringly sour. Is that too much to ask?


I think this would rule. It would be like Tamarind Jarritos but “EXTREME!!!”, and caffeinated, and probably a really bright color. Heck, they could even make this one spicy! Plus, they could do a fun collab with Tangy Tamarind Doritos which came out last year and were absolutely delicious. This would be deep, earthy, tangy, and sweet—and I would buy the heck out of it.

Key Lime

I am aware that this is a strange choice, but hear me out: Key Lime LaCroix is the best LaCroix (in my opinion; the Sporked team went with regular Lime). And I am also of the opinion that if a vanilla-y, lime-y concoction works as a sparkling water, than it would just work even better as a highly sweet Mtn Dew style flavorsplosion.


Speaking of vanilla, there’s just something so funny about an ~extreme~ brand like Mtn Dew making a vanilla flavor. Like, it’s so oxymoronic it almost feels like a joke and that’s why it has to exist. It HAS to. Mtn Dew if you can hear me right now (er..or I guess see this), make this one of the new Mtn Dew flavors next year. When I see “Mtn Dew Vanilla” on shelves looking all weird and beige next to all the other flavors like Pitch Black and Code Red and Spark and Voltage, I’ll know you were thinking of me and it might just make my day. Do it for the meme, Mtn Dew. Dew it for the meme.

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  • Guava and passionfruit Mountain Dew already exist, and passionfruit especially has been around for years.