6 Starburst Flavors That Should Exist

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t know how I feel about Starburst. I mean they are good, no one can deny that, but they are also one of the lesser chewy fruity candies (at least in my estimation—I mean Sour Patch Kids exist, Skittles exist, you get it). But I think Starburst could very easily turn things around, and I know just the thing to make it happen: variety. That’s right, Starburst, just give us more! I know you have at least a few flavor packs beyond the original but give us ten different combo packs and maybe you could almost compete with Hi-Chew. Just a thought; do with that as you will. But just in case I’ve captured your attention and whoever manages your innovation pipeline is going to see this, here are the seven flavors I think you need to develop next in order to make us all Starburst believers.

Mango Chamoy

My mouth is already watering. Just imagine this for a second. It’s giving sweet, it’s giving fruity, it’s giving sour, spicy, and salty all at once. The more you chew it, the more the flavor and spice release, making for one of the “juiciest” starbursts yet. Chamoy-covered Starbursts are already a thing, but if Starbursts with chamoy in them existed, and were available nationwide, I would absolutely buy them as an adult. Plus Hi-Chew doesn’t make this flavor so Starburst would have the monopoly on mango chamoy-flavored fruit chews.


Amazingly, we’ve actually had Starburst yogurt, but I think Yogurt Starburst would be 200% better. I mean if you’ve ever had a yogurt-flavored drink like Calpico or a yogurt-flavored Hi-Chew, then you know this tangy, lemony, slightly vanilla-y flavor is absolutely divine. Plus with the milky color and taste they could compete with Milkita, the leading milk-flavored chewy candy brand (I assume…I just haven’t seen many others).


There’s a Watermelon flavor in the FaveREDs pack and they have had a Mango Melon flavor in the Tropical mix, but there is something to be said about the sweet, melony, almost vegetal nature of a honeydew. Think Lime Cucumber Gatorade or those melon-flavored candies you can get at Asian grocery stores. This flavor of Starburst would be so dang refreshing.


Yes, cinnamon. Like Big Red gum. I would buy the heck out of this. It would be like Hot Tamales and Red Hots, but it would last longer in your mouth. Plus, it would transition the Starburst flavor universe out of just fruits and into juicy, spicy cinnamon territory, and I, for one, would be here for that.


Speaking of transitioning out of fruitville and into more exciting waters, what about a coffee flavor? Maybe they could even put real caffeine in it and make it into an Energyburst Starburst? It’s okay, Starburst, I give you permission to use that name. You just have to send me some of these once you make them, please ‘n’ thanks.


I know, I know chocolate? But just think: How long has the Tootsie Roll gone unopposed as this reality’s one famous chewy chocolate candy? Too long. Get in there, Starburst. Make your mark and show them who’s boss. Bonus points if you are able to make it actually chocolatey (like those See’s lollipops), because if you can do that, you just might be able to beat Tootsie at their own game.

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  • Starburst, interestingly enough, makes some of the most accurate-tasting powdered/liquid drink mixes. Like they taste 100% like you’re drinking the candy. Genuinely delicious. I keep a stock of the Pink Strawberry stuff in my pantry