Chefs Break the World Record for Largest Chicken Nugget

What makes a chicken nugget a chicken nugget? The bite size? The fact that it is ground-up chicken smushed back together, breaded, and fried? That familiar bell, boot, or ball shape? The resemblance to the nuggets of gold that people unearthed during the Gold Rush in 1849? Or, is it simply the intention to make a chicken nugget? 

One thing we do know after the creation of a Guinness World Record-breaking nugget on Saturday is that the determining factor is not size. Because TikTok chefs Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis created the world’s largest-ever chicken nugget this past weekend, weighing in at 46 pounds and 3.34 ounces of pure, unadulterated nugg. 

What goes into 46 pounds and 3.34 ounces of “pure unadulterated nugg”? According to the chefs, the extensive list of ingredients included: 40 eggs, 8 more eggs for the breading, 40 slices of white bread, a half-gallon of whole milk, three-quarters of a cup of onion powder, three-quarters of a cup of garlic powder, 1 cup of salt, and a half cup of black pepper. And, of course, the main ingredient: 40 pounds of ground chicken. 

Now you may be thinking, “Oh, is that all?” And to that I would answer that, according to DiGiovanni, this single nugget contained the equivalent of “close to 60 whole chickens,” making this super-nugget “approximately 115 times larger than your average chicken nugget.” As I imagine celebrity chef Paul Hollywood would say, “Thassa lot, that.” And the Paul Hollywood in my head would be correct. This nugget literally had to be taken to a facility to be cooked because a home oven wouldn’t be able to get the job done in under 12 hours. 

This isn’t the duo’s first Guinness World Record-breaking food rodeo. A few months ago, they broke the record for the largest-ever cake pop (weighing in at a whopping 97.9 pounds). These people are giant food record-breaking fiends. If there is a world record for most giant food records broken, I bet these two would win that as well.

And if you’re sitting there thinking about how wasteful this project seems, don’t worry: Guinness World Records assures us that “the nugget was cut up and distributed to friends, family, and the filming crew for consumption.” I am very happy with this outcome, as it is my personal philosophy that nuggs were meant for sharin’. That’s why I coined the phrase “Nuggs is Huggs” in college. No, it did not catch on. But I stand by the sentiment.

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