Lyrical Lemonade Is Making Real Lemonade

For most shoppers, “lemonade in cans, okay” is the entirety of what they’ll think when they see Lyrical Lemonade hit shelves this month. For hip-hop fans, though, this is just one more step in Cole Bennett’s plan to take over the world. It’s tough to explain what this multimedia company even is on the surface, but we have to start somewhere.

Lyrical Lemonade started in 2013 when Bennett, while still attending high school, began covering the hip-hop scene in Chicago on his YouTube channel. Bennett now directs Lyrical Lemonade-branded music videos for artists including Eminem, Jack Harlow, and Drake. And Lyrical Lemonade hosts the largest hip-hop festival in the Midwestern United States, Summer Smash, bringing in acts like Post Malone, Kid Cudi, and Ice Spice. In 2021, Pop-Tarts even released a run of co-branded Lyrical Lemonade Lemon Creme Pie-flavored toaster pastries.

Is any of this fitting together? Wasn’t this supposed to be about lemonade?

Back in January, the Lyrical Lemonade Instagram account posted a teaser of the new line of Lyrical Lemonade lemonade. Since then, the website has revealed the look, flavors, and release month of the new line. The first three flavors will be Original (lemon, presumably), Watermelon, and Peach. At least for the time being, they have resisted the allure of the ever-mysterious Pink Lemonade. While there isn’t any public list of retailers where you’ll be able to find these drinks, we have received a document confirming placement in at least one major convenience chain starting this month.

The move to actual, drinkable Lyrical Lemonade has been a long time coming. In a 2019 interview, Bennett said, “I really want to compete with Minute Maid and all of the elite lemonade and juice companies and I really think we can do that.” Since then, Lyrical Lemonade’s limited-run lemonade releases have been exclusive to events like their music festivals, or online drops with designs inspired by the artists and brands with whom they collaborate. Could this mean we’ll see musicians make their way onto wide-release Lyrical Lemonade cans in the future? Will Eminem-onade top our next lemonade ranking? Only time will tell.

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