A Beloved Frozen Mango Treat Is Back at Costco in Time for Summer

Ever have a spicy chamoy- and Tajin-swirled mango slush at a fruit stand or a restaurant and think to yourself, “Gosh, I wish I could have this at home!” Well, now you can! La Michoacana Mangohelada cups are back at Costco, and people are VERY stoked about it. One pack comes with eight cups, each one chock-full of mango slush, sweet and sour chamoy, and spicy Tajin. Truly a flavorsplosion in your mouth for just $10.99 (that’s a mere $1.37 per cup, if you don’t have a calculator handy).

I didn’t know that this was something Costco occasionally had in stock, and I’m so excited to try this version of the Mexican frozen treat. The combination of sweet mango with any form of sourness or spice is so good and unique—if you’ve never tried it, just do it. Mango to Costco and get some of these cups or, honestly, just get a mango and some Tajin and chamoy and go to town. You won’t regret it. 

While looking around the internet trying to answer some of my questions about these cups, like, “Are actually good?” (survey says yes), and also, “Where have they been all my life?” (Costco, apparently), I happened upon some other interesting info. One fun fact I didn’t know is that chamoy actually originated in China and initially got its sourness from ume plums instead of green mango, tamarind, or straight-up citric acid like the Mexican chamoy of today. Another interesting (significantly less historical in nature but certainly not unimportant) factoid is that people have been using these frozen cups of spicy, sour, sweet, and salty mango-y goodness to make mixed drinks. I need to try this. Like, yesterday.

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