An Honest Review of Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red

The new Monster flavor Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red is officially out and beautifying the shelves of your local grocery store. (Seriously, this ruby, pink, and twilight-blue can is so pretty.) If you’re wondering, hey, why is the girl who just tried energy drinks for the first time last week reviewing the newest Monster flavor? That just feels like bad food journalism! Well, you can relax, because I made the whole Sporked team try this new Monster drink and give me their Sporky thoughts. Here’s our consensus. 

Monster Ultra Fantasy Rub Red

New Product!

Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red Zero Sugar

Are you a fan of Fresca or Squirt? You’re probably gonna love the taste of this new zero sugar Monster Ultra. It’s basically grapefruit soda as an energy drink (though, admittedly, slightly light on the grapefruit).

Pros: We were pleasantly surprised by this new Monster flavor, which is zingy, a little tart, and refreshingly crisp. Aesthetically, the vibrant pink can somehow makes this new Monster flavor more drinkable? Talk about good branding. Like the rest of the Monster Ultra series, it comes packed with B-vitamins and contains zero sugar. Plus, it only has 150 mg of caffeine. Yes, “only” feels like an odd word to use, but that’s actually pretty low compared to other popular brands (like Bang, which packs 300 mg of caffeine in a 16 ounce can). 

Cons: It could use a slightly stronger grapefruit flavor. But hey, not everyone wants to drink a big can of bitter grapefruit, so I understand why they pared that back. An inevitable downside of any zero sugar energy drink is the artificial sweetener aftertaste. It’s not super noticeable here, but if you’re sensitive to that, maybe avoid new Monster Ultra flavors in general! 

Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart




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