Dew You know About Mtn Dew VooDEW 2024?

Ah, Mtn Dew VooDEW. The perennial national mystery bestowed upon gamers, soda connoisseurs, and curious people alike by our (soda) lord and (soda) savior PepsiCo once every spoopy season. Halloween is still six months away, but wouldn’t you believe it, big soda never sleeps, and not only are there already speculations as to what this year’s mystery flavored Dew could be, but someone seems to have already gotten ahold of Mtn Dew VooDEW 2024 and is selling one of the Zero Sugar bottles on eBay for over $100 (with shipping). Yes, five whole months before its slated release.

What dew people think this year’s Mtn Dew VooDEW flavor will be? Dew we know anything about it yet? How could one have possibly gotten to eBay already?

The short answer? We don’t yet know what flavor this year’s VooDEW dew be. We do have some info, however, as it was leaked last fall that the 2024 version of the seasonal Dew, much like 2023’s Cherry Airhead VooDEW iteration, will be a collaboration with a “top Halloween candy brand,” according to the (actually real) Mtn Dew Wiki. We also know that the full sugar version will have a purple-ish label with accents of yellow, red, and turquoise (very ~The Joker~ looking), while the Zero Sugar version’s label is primarily black with purple, green, and yellow accents (general witchy vibes). As for the one being sold on eBay—who knows if it is a genuine bottle with genuine 2024 VooDEW in it, but the seller is based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where there is, in fact, a PepsiCo warehouse (wouldn’t ya know). So it’s not outside of the realm of possibility that this is the real deal.

This VooDEW will be the sixth in a long line of successful VooDEW mystery flavors, with the first being VooDEW 2019 (Candy Corn), the second being VooDEW 2020 (Fruit Candy Explosion), the third being VooDEW 2021 (Fruit Candy Chews), the fourth being VooDEW 2022 (Sour Candy Flavor), and the fifth being VooDEW 2023 (Cherry Airheads). This year marks not only the sixth VooDEW flavor but also the second VooDEW collaboration with a name-brand candy. Only time (or whoever buys it on eBay) will tell what this flavor will actually turn out to be, and come October, it will be up to all of us to figure out before all is revealed on November 1. So VooDEW keep your eyes peeled for any clews, it would seem that the game DEW be afewt.

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  • I hope this years flavor will be good. So far none of the voodew flavors have been good.