6 New Aldi Items We Can’t Wait to Try This July

It’s that time of year again. What time of year you ask? Well, my dudes, it is officially July is what it is, and that means a whole crop of new and returning items from Aldi that look so delectable they almost make me forget that it is 107 degrees outside and I am an adult without a built-in three-month-long summer break. There are way too many interesting Aldi finds being dropped throughout the month to cover in one article, but here are some of the items we here at Sporked are exceedingly excited to try.

Simply Nature Seaweed Snacks

These seaweed snacks became available at Aldi just this week, and gosh are we a sucker for seaweed. It’s crunchy, umami, and melts in your mouth, and you can eat it straight, crumble it up on rice, or do pretty much whatever you want with it. The world is your oyster (er…seaweed?). ($1.99, available July 12)

Benton’s Pink Lemonade Sandwich Creme Filled Cookies

Have you ever wished for a pink lemonade-flavored Oreo, but then you got Cotton Candy Oreos instead and those just didn’t do it for ya? Well, look no further than these pink lemonade sandwich cookies from Aldi, which look to potentially be the pink and lemony cookie you have been searching for. ($2.39, on shelves now)

Journey To…Greece Spanakopita

In the mood for a hot, savory treat? Aldi has these frozen bake-and-serve Spanakopita that will save you the trouble of figuring out how Philo dough works, but still get you that cheesy spinach-y goodness you so crave. ($4.49, available July 12)

Park Street Deli Sherbet Hummus (Mango Lime or Sweet Lemon)

Have you ever wanted to try dessert hummus that tastes like lemons and mangoes? I’m not so sure I do, but the curiosity is slowly winning me over to the point where I may just have to go to Aldi and try these out. They hit shelves last week, so now is the time to go try ‘em if you are anywhere near as curious as I am. ($1.99, on shelves now)

Appetitos Franks in a Blanket with Everything Seasoning

If there is one thing good ol’ fashioned pigs in a blanket need, it’s some added seasoning. This almost puts these in “bagel-dog but make it fashion” territory, and I am here for it. ($4.49, available July 12)

Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwiches

Lastly, a frozen confection that once blew my entire mind and still does. A stroopwafel ice cream sandwich. Yes, this is a caramel and waffle cone sandwich (the stroopwafel part) sandwich. A Sandsandsandwich, if you will, and I certainly will. Look out Aldi, here I come (when this comes out next week, at least)! ($4.95, available July 19)

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  • Just tried the Everything dogs, it’s a skip. Too small, the breading doesn’t taste good and the seasoning didn’t cover the appetizer.