Fans of Crumbl Cookies Are About to Get a Breakfast Treat

In a delicious turn of events, Crumbl Cookies best known for—if you couldn’t guess—their cult-favorite cookies, is launching a Crumbl Cookies cereal. As snack influencer @markie_devo first reported, Kellogg’s and Crumbl are collaborating on something called Chocolatey Chip Cookie Cereal. This dessert-turned-breakfast option will reportedly hit stores that carry Kellogg’s brand products this coming spring, and I personally cannot get through winter fast enough.

Not much has been revealed about this newcomer to the cereal aisle. Neither Crumbl nor Kellogg’s has made a big announcement yet.. Based on an image of the packaging that’s emerged on social media, Crumble cookie cereal will come in a baby pink box and—I’m going out on a limb here—will taste like…chocolate chip cookies. Quite shocking. 

Will this cereal really channel the experience of eating a Crumbl cookie? Well, the brand’s whole thing is making cookies that are big and chewy and freshly baked, and, I have to be honest, that the mini cookie cereal we see on the box doesn’t appear to be any of those things. The morsels look small, crispy-crunchy, and, frankly, pretty light on “chocolatey” chips. In fact, a lot of people have pointed out that the cereal looks an awful lot like Cookie Crisp. 

Personally, I’m quite excited to see if this cereal enters the mainstream cereal market and whether it bumps Cookie Crisp off that coveted cookie cereal throne. At the very least, we can all imagine Chip the Wolf going head to head with a tag team of Tony the Tiger and Crumbl’s Minimalist Baker in an all-out wrestling smackdown for top cookie cereal. A little something we can all hold onto until the spring comes.

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