A New Doritos Flavor Is Hitting Shelves: Sweet & Tangy BBQ

We all know the saying “New Year, New Me.” And Doritos took that personally. Just how did they reinvent themselves, you may be wondering? By giving us a new Doritos flavor with a profile super uncharacteristic of Doritos. Not a single cheese in sight. Not a chili pepper on the premises. Ranch has left the building. So, if not any of those things, what exactly is this new Doritos flavor? The first new Doritos flavor of 2023 is called Sweet & Tangy BBQ, and we are here for it. Honestly, in the words of our lord and savior Lizzo, it’s about damn time.

So, what will these new Doritos be like? Like BBQ Lay’s but with a corn chip?

It’s a little unclear. The description from the company says these chips are “a bold experience [that] takes traditional BBQ flavor to another level with sweetness, complex spices, and tanginess.” They kind of imply that much like every romantic lead in an early 2000s rom-com, these BBQ chips are not like the other girls…er…BBQ chips. Plus, in one of the images Frito-Lay released to the press, there is an image of grilled steak next to the bag of chips, leaving me to wonder whether that’s just a marketing ploy or if the new Doritos really will have more of a smoky, grilled-meat flavor than a sweet BBQ sauce flavor as the name would suggest.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait to find out! These bad boys were out in stores nationwide as of January 5, so if you’re interested, go get ‘em, friendo. It’s unclear if these Sweet & Tangy BBQ Doritos are here for a limited time or if they are going to become permanent players (probably depends on how they do), so if you want to guarantee you get a taste, go pick some up and let me know what you think! I may have to go snag some of these too, the curiosity is eating me up inside (just like I’m about to eat up some of these Doritos inside…because it’s raining; I’d obviously prefer to eat these up outside right now).

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  • I tried these, they remind me a lot of the Honey BBQ Twist Fritos. They’re honestly one of my new favorite chips now. Perfectly sweet, with a slight tang and a bit of spice to them.