A New Kit Kat Flavor Promises a Delightful, Creamy Cinnamon Crunch

A new creamy, crunchy, and cinnamon-filled Kit Kat is hitting grocery store shelves soon. And no, we’re not talking about a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Kit Kat—Mythical Chef Josh has the monopoly on that. The newest Kit Kat flavor makes a trip to Costco or Disneyland wholly unnecessary. Confused? Well, think about it. What do Costco and Disneyland have in common? It’s long, sweet, and doughy. And it’s good for holding like a lightsaber and smacking your sibling with. That’s right, the newest member of the Kit Kat family is Kit Kat Churro!

What exactly makes the new Kit Kat flavor taste like a churro?

You’re not alone in asking that question. Some unenthused people are worried it’s going to be a cinnamon flavored product parading as a churro flavored one. But one thing a lot of churro flavored products lack—and one thing that I think Kit Kat Churros are going to get right—is creaminess. After all, churros are fried dough, and dough is, well… doughy and creamy. The Kit Kat Churros are—as their packaging describes them—“artificially flavored crisp wafers in churro flavored creme.” While that is a bit ambiguous, it’s a good sign that it doesn’t say “cinnamon flavored.” Creme seems to be the goal here. And, of course, the crunchy nature of Kit Kats will be a huge help to replicating that fried churro feel. Early tasters have been pleased. Darren Rovell, who received Kit Kat Churros from Hershey’s, calls them “well-executed.” From the images he provided, we can assume that the churro Kit Kat is going to be a white chocolate Kit Kat.

The new Kit Kat flavor is a limited edition release. While there is no explicit date that they’re going to hit stores (or leave them), it seems as though their release is imminent, and that they’ll be available in regular and king size at most stores where you buy your Kit Kats. One commenter claims to have seen them at Costco in a three flavor bag. Others, for now, are watching the grocery store aisles with bated breath.

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