We Have Deets on the New Takis Flavor Coming to U.S. Stores

Friends, Romans, other people—lend me your spicy chip-loving ears, because I’m about to tell you some fantastic news: Dragon Sweet Chili Takis have finally made it to the U.S. Yes, you read that right, SWEET CHILI TAKIS, people! When I first read the news I put on that one DJ Snake song (that is definitely about spicy chips and not other ~spicier~ things) and danced around my apartment like a lunatic. Am I a little too excited about a new flavor powder coating my favorite rolled corn chips? No. I am just the right amount of excited and you should be too, but that’s not to say I don’t still have questions.

What will these new Dragon Sweet Chili Takis taste like? Where were they before th U.S.? Is the part of the song that says “Taki Taki, Taki Taki ¡Rumba!” referring to Fuego flavor or Blue Heat?

As for what they will taste like, the company tells us these will have “an intensely sweet bite with a ferocious kick of spice.” Or in other words, “sweet chili but make it aggro.” And I love that, I really do. And also, I want it right now. Badly. As for where these things were before they were here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., they were up in the good ol’ C.A.N.A.D. of A., where they initially launched and even won Canada’s 2022 Product of the Year Award, which is voted on by Canadian consumers. It’s kind of sweet, which makes sense. We are talking about Canada here (to clarify, there is also a U.S. product of the year award, but I bet all the Canadian products are friendlier and more moose focused, so in this regard I am team Canada). As for which flavor of iconic spicy chip the song is referencing, I have emailed DJ Snake and will get back to you guys (but my money is on Fuego).

These are now available anywhere you would typically buy Takis, so get out there and try them (and I will too) and then we can Taki ’bout it! I have high hopes for these.

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