5 New Foods to Try at Trader Joe’s This April

April showers bring May flowers, but we’re the ones that are making it rain—at the Trader Joe’s register, that is. TJ’s is always a “just take my money” kind of place, but their April roster of products makes it especially dangerous to go shopping without a list—especially if you have a sweet tooth. Here are five new Trader Joe’s products we spotted on our most recent trip.

Brown Sugar Boba Mochi

Once upon a time, a boba buff fell in love with a mochi master, and the stork brought them a beautiful blend of the two. With a chewy mochi outside surrounding a gooey, brown sugar center, these are somehow layered, complex, deep, and soft all the way through. They’re the candy version of “What Was I Made For?”

Cinnamon Twist Danish

Step aside, M. Night, your twists are nothing compared to this. Who really needs a sixth sense when all five of yours can be completely entranced by a cinnamony, buttery treat? The rich Danish pastry is filled with cinnamon and custard. It’s about a pound and a half but it’s not pre-sliced so we have to assume it’s a single serving, right?

Brown Butter Salted Caramel Mini Biscotti

It’s tea party time. These sweet biscotti would be perfect dunked in a cuppa, as a little dessert to round out an afternoon of chit chat and finger sandwiches on a sun-kissed wraparound porch. Go ahead, throw on your lace gloves, put the kettle on, and make sure the tea is caffeinated because you’re going to need a boost to run if your neighbor with the wraparound porch comes home and asks what you’re doing on their property.

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a delicious, quick, and nutritious option that’ll provide you with the energy you need to move throughout your day and the fiber you need to…well, move, throughout your day. TJ’s new strawberry version is soaked with coconut milk and made with both strawberry puree and strawberry juice. Because it’s strawberry season, b*tches.

Lemon Zest Madeleine Cookies

We dare you to eat these zesty, zingy cookies without raising a pinkie. Plus, who doesn’t love the pleasing hump of a madeleine? Honestly, hump day should be named for the madeleine’s characteristic hump. Hump.

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