The Best Cookies to Eat with Tea

If you’ve ever heard of England, then you might have heard about this little thing called tea time. And while that is not a daily occasion we necessarily observe in the U.S., we all still drink tea occasionally (or more than occasionally). One of the best accompaniments for tea is none other than the humble cookie (or you might say “biscuit,” but only if you’d heard of England). So, whether you are a regular tea drinker or it’s been quite oolong time since your last cuppa, here’s our list of the best cookies for tea time. (I don’t know about you but the promise of cookies makes me 2,000% more likely to go for some tea)

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Tate’s Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know it isn’t one of the “classic cookies that go with tea,” but I am a firm believer that chocolate chip cookies go with anything. And these aren’t just any chocolate chip cookies, these are Sporked’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. Why? Because they are so dadgum good, that’s why. The cookies are “absolutely stuffed with chocolate,” and the Sporked staff noted that “the taste of the cookie itself is sweet but has this extra bit of caramelization” that makes them taste just like homemade. Dunk these in black tea with a little sugar and cream, and let the magic happen. (Plus there’s a gluten free version!!: Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies)

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Biscoff Cookies

These cookies were meant for tea. These cookies were so meant for tea, that they are actually called “biscuits” on the packaging. These sweet, crunchy, lightly salty, perfectly spiced biscuits would go great with any tea, but I bet a strong oolong or chai paired with this specific cookie might just cause the tea gods to weep with joy for the serendipitous discovery we small, insignificant humans have made.

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As my dad likes to say, “If a Tre foils in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really foil?” And while we may never have an answer to that deep philosophical conundrum, we can get the answer to “Which Girl Scout cookies are the best cookies for tea?” and it simply has to be this one. These shortbread cookies are lightly sweet, crunchy, soften nicely in tea, and have a subtle, buttery, vanilla-y flavor that offsets the bitterness of tea. They will not overpower your tea like a Samoa or a Thin Mint would, plus they are very sophisticated. I’m sure we can all relate to senior writer Jordan Myrick when they say, “We hated these as kids, [but] we like them now.”

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Pepperidge Farm Montauk Soft Baked Milk Chocolate

If you have a crunchy chocolate chip cookie on the list of best cookies for tea, then you have to have a soft one, too. That’s just physics. And these are, hands down, our fave soft choccy chip cookie on the market. Why? On account of the flavor being “undeniably wonderful,” that’s why. What makes these so wonderful? The Sporked staff described the milk chocolate as “buttery and delicious,” and noted that the “cookie itself tastes slightly spiced. It’s got a hint of vanilla that shines through towards the end for some really nice floral flavor.” Honestly, we can’t think of anything classier than a cookie named after a town near the Hamptons dunked in a nice, hot cup of tea.

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Oreos may be milk’s favorite cookie, but, let me tell you, tea likes Oreos a whole lot as well. Have you ever had an Oreo dunked in either hot or cold milk tea? If your answer to that was no, you are missing out, my guy. Plus, we all know what Oreos taste like. I don’t have to sell you on the masterpiece that is a Double Stuf Oreo, but please please, please try these dunked in creamy tea. You will not be disappointed.

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Walker’s Shortbread

Lastly, we had to have a real shortbread here and not just the Girl Scouts’ admittedly-tasty-but-also-admittedly-not-really-shortbread adaptation. Walker’s is the butteriest, densest, most perfectest store bought shortbread around, and nobody can tell me otherwise. Literally any tea in the world would go well with these things, plus they often come in a super cute tin that will fit perfectly at your little tea soiree. In my opinion, these may just be the best cookies for tea, but truly anything on this list would be (*attempts British accent*) “utterly divine, dar(jee)ling.”

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