Nicole Enayati’s Favorite Spicy Condiment Will Have You Saying “Chili Crisp, Who?”

Welcome to Mythical Kitchen Picks, the series in which the culinary experts from Mythical Kitchen tell you all about their favorite foods and ingredients. Last week, Josh Scherer shared his pick for the best Olipop flavor. Today, Nicole Enayati is sharing how she adds heat to every dish. No, it’s not chili crisp. There are spicy condiments beyond chili crisp. Read on to find out more about the jar every heat-seeker should have in their fridge. 

Nicole’s Pick: Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Peppers

Calbrian Chili Peppers
Credit: Liv Averett / Mythical Entertainment / Whole Foods

This jar is a huge staple in my fridge. My husband and I are obsessed with spicy food, and Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Peppers have turned into a holy grail condiment of epic proportions. These chili peppers add the most gorgeous level of flavor and heat to any dish, instantly elevating it to restaurant quality. I love to take a few, run my knife through them, and throw them in just about everything. Does your mayo need something extra? Toss ‘em in! Is your grilled cheese a little lackluster? Toss ‘em in! Your pasta in dire need of some spice? Toss. ‘Em. In. You can even munch on them whole, if you’re brave enough. I also add a ramekin full of these spicy babes to every charcuterie board, and people go bonkers for them. One of my favorite hacks is to heavily brush the residual oil onto grilled pieces of sourdough bread, and smother them with some olive tapenade and buttery stracciatella. Assoulemente delizioso!

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