Did It Deserve to Be Brought Back: Oreo Cakesters

At the start of 2022, Nabisco’s Oreo Cakesters made their way back to grocery store shelves after going missing from the market in 2012. The internet has been extremely excited about their return and Cakesters seem like they might be here to stay. So, like any good professional food taste tester, I ordered a box the moment they became available to determine if Oreo Cakesters deserved to be brought back or if they should’ve remained in the 2010’s product graveyard.

Despite the love Cakesters appeared to get back in the day, Oreo stopped cranking them out with no explanation. The general consensus is that they probably weren’t doing as well as projected so they got the ax. But now, nostalgia is king when it comes to the package food world. These snacking cakes have a huge cult following with millennials who miss their youth. An entire generation seemingly begged for the cookie company to bring them back. I think Oreo deciding to relaunch the puffed-up version of their iconic cookies is a great business move.

Oreo describes Cakesters as a “delicious, soft-baked twist on a classic sweet treat” consisting of “creme filling between two chocolate cakes” that “make [a] tasty sweet [snack] for all ages.” They also assert that they are “ideal for packing into adult lunches, serving as birthday treats, office snacks, or after-school snacks for kids and adults.”

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Over the past few years, the category of plant-based, It started to feel like there were an infinite number of Oreo flavors. Every time I thought I had tasted them all, more would appear. Sometimes I would see flavors and couldn’t even tell if they were real or fake!

When it comes down to it, these are just Oreo brand whoopie pies. For those who are unfamiliar with a whoopie pie, it consists of two dome-shaped cakes with frosting sandwiched in between. It’s a regional specialty in Maine and the Pennsylvania Amish have their own versions called “gobs.” They come in an assortment of flavors and sizes and are super delicious. They’re so good that I make my roommate bring them back for me when he goes home to Maine for the holidays.

The Cakester consists of two plush chocolate cakes with a layer of the classic Oreo cream slathered in the middle. It’s all the Oreo flavor with none of the Oreo crunch. While I wish it was a smidge more moist, I think the Oreo Cakester is a great approximation of a whoopie pie. Plus, I love that they come two to a package. When have I ever wanted to eat just one of anything?

Though I don’t think the Oreo Cakester is necessarily an innovative or unique idea, I do think it serves a purpose. It’s more filling than an Oreo, so it’s better for someone who wants a treat that feels more like an actual dessert. At the same time, it’s light and airy, so you could easily eat twenty of them. They have a mild, enjoyable Oreo cookies and cream flavor. And, like regular Oreos, they’re incredible when chilled. I’m not sure I would reach for Oreo Cakesters in place of regular Oreos, but I would buy these as a special, fun treat when I want a change of pace.

VERDICT: Yes. They deserve to be brought back and I hope they stick around. 

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