We Tried New Oreo Dirt Cake Cookies—Now Let’s Dish the Dirt

Let me just start by saying that this new Oreo flavor looked compelling. So compelling, in fact, that before I even knew I would be writing a review of these limited edition Oreo Dirt Cake cookies, I bought some at the store the minute I saw them. I haven’t had dirt dessert (any combo of chocolate cake or pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms) in years. I only ever got it as a kid when my family went to the Macaroni Grill or the Fresh Choice buffet at the mall, and Fresh Choice has been out of business since 2012. Therefore I, Jessica Block, lover of dirt dessert, have been tragically Dirt Dessert/Dirt Cake bereft since 2012. So the Mayans were right—in a way, it was the year the world ended. But these new Oreo Dirt Cake cookies gave me hope. The packaging is insanely appetizing, the description of the cookies themselves seemed new and interesting (gummy worm-inspired sprinkles?!?!), and, let’s be real, it is hard to make an Oreo bad. That said, let’s dish the dirt on Dirt Cake Oreos.

oreo dirt cake cookies review

New Product!

Oreo Dirt Cake Cookies

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this package of Oreos smells like dirt cake. Then again, all packages of Oreos smell like dirt cake because, nine times out of ten, dirt cake has Oreos in and/or on it. Dirt Cake Oreo cookies look just like the description would suggest: Oreo cookies with a dark layer of brownie-flavored creme, a lighter, speckled layer of chocolate-flavored creme with Oreo crumbles, and yes, gummy-worm-inspired sprinkles on top. The sprinkles look like if you took a bunch of colorful hard candies, smashed them to dust, and sprinkled that dust on some Oreos. It has a mesmerizing, stained glass-esque effect. But we’re all about taste here…

Pros: These things taste fantastic. I mean, they are Oreos. They are not cloyingly sweet, nor are they Peeps flavored. (Yes, Oreo did that at one point. All heroes have a dark past.) And they do taste a lot like dirt cake. But how could they not? Dirt cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a layer of crushed Oreos. Once you start chewing these, that is essentially what is in your mouth. They are delightful.

Cons: The gummy worm sprinkles might look nice, but, sadly, they do not taste like gummy worms, or anything else for that matter. Not a hint of fruit or tang to be had in those guys and, yes, I did isolate a few and try them on their own—I take my job very seriously don’t you fret. I just wish Oreo had given us a hint of fruit flavor and citric acid in those little colorful shards, but, alas, the gummy worm-inspired sprinkles are just for show.




I feel like I need to explain my conclusion about these Oreo Dirt Cake cookies: The gummy worm sprinkles are disappointing for sure, but these are still delicious chocolate Oreos that do, in fact, taste like dirt cake (minus the gummy worms). Would I buy them a second time? No. But would I eat them if someone offered them to me? Oh, absolutely. These are worth buying once just to get a good look at all those purdy lil glittering sprinkles and get a satisfying little bite of ’90s/’00s nostalgia.

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  • Really funny and appealing writing style, even more appealing than the Oreos Dirt Cake flavor! Just had to comment that it was a nice short but well thought out read that got some chuckles out of me.

    • Omg why does my email have a photo of me from more than a decade ago attached?? LMAO!

  • But how do they pair with gummy worms?