Our Honest Review of Celsius Astro Vibe and Celsius Galaxy Vibe

Rejoice, energy drink consumers who are sick and tired of the absolutely terrible vibes here on planet Earth: The Celsius Space Vibe Trilogy is complete! Last year we got our hands on the first of the three new Celsius flavors, Celsius Cosmic Vibe. While we fully agree that the terrestrial vibe is very off (have you looked at the news lately?), we weren’t huge fans of the fruit punch-flavored Cosmic Vibe. It’s not bad, but it certainly isn’t one of the best Celsius flavors, mostly because it has that lingering artificial sweetener aftertaste that spoils so many otherwise decent sugar free energy drinks. Anyway, given the state of the world, we were excited to try the two new outer space-themed flavors: Celsius Astro Vibe and Celsius Galaxy Vibe.

celsius astro vibe review

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Celsius Astro Vibe

Celsius Astro Vibe is “sparkling blue razz” flavored. I can’t get over how much Astro Vive sounds like Astroglide, a popular brand of water-based lube, but that’s probably a me problem! 

Pros: If you like artificial blue raspberry flavor, this has it big time. It tastes like liquid blue raspberry candy—very sweet and a little tangy and bursting with a flavor that does not occur naturally in nature. 

Cons: Much like Cosmic Vibe, this new Celsius flavor has a powerful aftertaste that lingers on your tongue and at the back of your throat. I wouldn’t enjoy drinking an entire can of this, but I do appreciate that it nails that “blue” flavor. 




celsius galaxy vibe

New Product!

Celsius Galaxy Vibe

Celsius Galaxy Vibe, which is “sparkling strawberry watermelon” flavored, is the best of these new Celsius flavors. In fact, it may be one of my new favorites (and I’ve tasted a lot of Celsius flavors).

Pros: Celsius makes sugar free energy bevs that are still very sweet. Naturally, they are going to taste like artificial sweeteners to some extent. But for some reason, Galaxy Vibe just doesn’t have that lingering aftertaste. It’s much easier to drink than the others—in fact, I drank the whole can. The strawberry-watermelon flavor combo is really bright and refreshing. It reminds me of eating a pack of FaveReds Starburst. 

Cons: If you’re looking for genuine watermelon or strawberry flavor, you’re barking up the wrong tree here. This is very artificial tasting, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to drink.




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