Peeps Makes Gummies Now

If the pure sugary, fluffy goodness of a Peep is too much for you, Peeps hears you, Peeps sees you, and this year Peeps has released Peeps Gummies just for you. 

So what are they exactly? What do these Peep-adjacent gummy candies look and taste like? At first, I assumed the form would mimic the classic Peeps marshmallows. Boy, was I only half right. The new confections are bite-sized (unlike the 1.5 bite-sized original Peeps. I measured.) and come in three shapes/flavors: yellow chicks (marshmallow flavor), blue bunnies (blue raspberry marshmallow flavor), and pink bunnies (strawberry marshmallow flavor). And sweet-toothed readers, don’t worry, each gummy is absolutely covered in sugar, much like their marshmallowy cousin.

Let’s pause and take a closer look at the flavors. One of those gummies is blue raspberry marshmallow flavored. Blue raspberry marshmallow. It creates some cognitive dissonance for me. I think of blue raspberry as being a distinctly tart and aggressively fruity flavor, while I think of marshmallow flavor as vanilla-y, powdery, and cloyingly sweet. I’ll admit it’s hard to imagine those two mixing, but given that blue raspberry is the king of all flavors and is never bad (yes, this is a fact), it’s hard to imagine this flavor combo failing.

Bottom line, I really need to go out and try these gummies because I’m tired of the sleepless nights frantically trying to imagine what a blue raspberry marshmallow flavored Peep gummy tastes like. And, of course, I’m excited to try the other flavors too, so Peep me in the Easter candy aisle this week, on the hunt for some very sweet gummies. 

Try them yourself and let us know what you think! Buy from Amazon.

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