If You’ve Ever Wanted Chicken Uncrustables, Perdue’s Got You

Perdue Farms has just changed the world as we know it. This week, the popular poultry brand released little, sealed white-bread sandwiches called Chicken Handhelds. They’re crustless, they come frozen, and they look a lot like Smucker’s Uncrustables, but, naturally, these suckers are stuffed with chicken instead of PB&J.

To be clear, this savory offering isn’t exactly an innovation. Smucker’s has, in fact, ventured into the realm of the savory sandwiches, but strangely did not stick with the form—the beloved, squishy, bready disc—that made them a lunchbox staple. They offer savory rollups—pinwheel-style sandwiches made with ham, turkey, or pepperoni—and they also offer heat-and-eat pockets filled with taco meat, pepperoni, or BBQ chicken. They do not, however, offer a savory Uncrustables with the exact same form factor as the classic PB&J. And unlike sushi, revenge, and PB&J Uncrustables, the Smucker’s savory pockets are not best served cold. This is where Perdue has picked up the slack.

What is in these mysterious, savory, white-bread-enveloped pockets of pure joy, you ask? Well, it seems the answer is “a creamy blend of diced white meat, chicken, and herbs.” Or, put differently: chicken salad. Perdue has given us an on-the-go chicken salad sandwich. Thank you, Perdue!

Will it be good? Will the unstructured white bread and chicken salad have a mush factor that’s acceptable for PB&J but unappetizing in a savory sandwich? Or will the diced chicken have just enough texture to save the day while still maintaining the pillowy softness a crustless sandwich should possess? Guess the only way to find out is to try it. Don’t mind if I Perdue.

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