Pop-Tarts Will Pay You $15K to Build a Gingerbread House this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to pay down that mortgage or costly rent bill with money earned from playing with Pop-Tarts. Yep, you heard me right. Pop-Tarts is ready to pay big bucks to one lucky person willing to put their Pop-Tarts gingerbread house-making skills to the test.

If you’ve been on Zillow lately, you may have seen a listing for Pop-Tarts’ Gingerbread Lodge (above). It’s off the market, sadly, but when Kellogg’s closes a Pop-Tarts door, they open a mini Pop-Tarts window in encouraging you to build one of your very own! And it’s not just for funsies. Pop-Tarts is giving away $15k to one lucky winner of their Drury Lane Contest, which is open now through the 16th of December, 2022. All you have to do is build the best gingerbread house of your dreams (using exclusively Pop-Tarts products), and either mail in pictures of your entry or post your submission to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #GingerbreadPoptartEntry, tagging @poptartsus in your post.

What a time to be alive where we can finally use our gingerbread building expertise and love of Pop-Tarts to work towards paying off our housing. Rocket Mortgage cites the annual mortgage payment in the U.S. to be about $13,000/year. This means that the grand prize winner of Kellogg’s Drury Lane Contest will theoretically be able to pay their mortgage or rent for the next year. The Pop-Tarts judging panel will score the entries by creativity, uniqueness, and a third category that Kellogg’s has dubbed “Pop-Tart variety” (ability to showcase the beauty of the Pop-Tarts). We need to get to work if we want free rent for a year, and if we want to figure out how exactly to exhibit “Pop-Tart Variety.” If you need some inspiration, start with our ranking of the best Pop-Tarts, it will at least help you begin the day with a good breakfast. And if you need more inspiration, check out these pictures of the Pop-Tarts Gingerbread Lodge.

Pop-Tarts Gingerbread House Bedroom
Courtesy of Pop-Tarts
Pop-Tarts Gingerbread House Kitchen
Courtesy of Pop-Tarts
Pop-Tarts Gingerbread House Living Room
Courtesy of Pop-Tarts

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