Pringles Is Releasing Hot Ones Chips and They Promise to Be ‘Scorchin’

If you’re a Hot Ones fan who’s always wanted to try the famous lineup of hot sauces but doesn’t want to commit to buying whole bottles of the fiery concoction, then you’re in luck! Pringles announced today that they will be releasing a line of Hot Ones-flavored chips, “Scorchin’ Hot Ones,” starting in June, for a limited time.

I’ve thought about buying Hot Ones sauces (made famous by the popular, long-running YouTube show) so many times. I’ve also thought about buying Keith’s (of the Try Guys fame) hot sauces. But I never have. Why? The commitment. Also, I’m young and don’t have money yet. And yet, I often find myself browsing the Heatonist website (where all these sauces are sold), clicking through various enticing products, reading roughly a hundred reviews for each one, narrowing it down to two, and then buying nothing. I simply don’t want to spend 12 bucks (not including shipping) on 5 fl. oz. of liquid unless I know for a fact I will like it. But enough about my frugal and fear-driven tendencies, because now I have a way to try these hot sauces without committing to buying a whole bottle. And so do you!

These Scorchin’ Hot Ones Pringles will cost just $2.29 a can and will come in three (and a half) flavors: Pringles Scorchin’ Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo (“A balance of sweet applewood-smoked red jalapeños and tangy habanero”), Pringles Scorchin’ Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde (“The punchy, smoky blend of serrano and habanero chiles, sweet fruit and tart tomatillo”), and Pringles Scorchin’ Hot Ones the Classic Hot Sauce (“The timeless hot sauce flavor with an extra peppery kick”). The first two become available in June, and the Classic Hot Sauce becomes available only at Circle K starting in July. 

“But Jessica, you said three and a half flavors! What’s the half?!” Calm down, I’m about to tell you. The final flavor is called “Last Dab,” and I want to try it so badly. But the only way to get it is by scanning a QR code on one of the other Scorchin’ Hot Ones flavors and entering to win one of the 400 existing cans of this highly-exclusive “Last Dab” flavor. I’m definitely throwing my name in the ring.

But regardless of the outcome, I feel like a winner. I’ve always wanted to try the Los Calientes Verde hot sauce, and now I get to do just that without the financial commitment of investing in a whole bottle. These Pringles will allow me to replace the pain of spending too much money on hot sauces with the pain of eating spicy chips, a trade-off I am very excited to make. It’s a Zillennial dream come true!

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  • I know $12 is a lot to throw down on one bottle of hot sauce, but both the Hot Ones sauces and Keith’s sauces (I especially recommend the taco sauce!) are excellent if you love hot sauce. I don’t know how difficult it will be to track down these Pringles, but I’m going to try!

  • These things are the best! I’ve had both Los Calientes flavors. I like that they’re really hot, so I don’t eat so many in one setting.