5 Best Probiotic Products to Kickstart Your Gut

There are many reasons to incorporate more probiotic products into our diets. After all, we can’t be 22 forever with digestive systems that works like well-oiled machines (those were the days). Yes, you’re older now, but the good news is that as time progresses, more and more probiotic products hit grocery store shelves. Sure, you could pop a pill to get your probiotics, but here are also some damn tasty yogurts, teas, and fermented foods that are just rarin’ to kick your gut back into gear. Maybe this is what Taylor Swift meant when she said she was feeling 22. It’s worth a shot!


I used to think Yakult was just for kids, but that was before I actually tried one. If you haven’t had the pleasure of guzzling one of these little probiotic bevs, you’re in for a treat. I regularly keep a pack of these in my fridge—they make a good supplement to breakfast or they can tide you over if lunch is running late. Yakult is a probiotic drink that comes in a little bottle with an aluminum top. It is pleasantly sweet with just a little bit of tang, which has made it easy to achieve my goal of drinking one of these a day (although, it also makes it hard to stop myself from drinking five of these a day).

Health-Ade Kombucha Pink Lady Apple

If you’re big on probiotic drinks, you’ve definitely tried kombucha before. But have you had Health-Ade’s Pink Lady Apple kombucha? In her ranking of the best kombucha flavors, managing editor Gwynedd Stuart called this one “fizzy” and “sweet-but-not-too-sweet.” In fact, it was our favorite kombucha in two separate taste tests “thanks to a tart, crisp quality that truly channels a Pink Lady apple.” Kombucha is powerful stuff in terms of probiotics, and this flavor is a must-try bev for kombucha enthusiasts. 

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Celestial Seasonings Ginger Tea Plus Probiotics

It is no secret that I love tea. I also love probiotic drinks, so when I saw that I could have both in one product, I was thoroughly excited. Celestial Seasonings makes some good probiotic ginger tea that I would recommend to tea lovers who like to drink their tea straight up. It’s pleasantly sweet without any added honey or sugar because of the inclusion of licorice root. It’s a great option if you miss your morning Yakult and want your probiotics to be piping hot instead. It is also a good option for those who have a sweet tooth like me; trust me, that hint of licorice really stands out in the best way.

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Lucky Foods Spicy Seoul Kimchi

Moving on to the probiotic foods section of this list, we have kimchi. Kimchi is the amazing fermented cabbage side dish from Korea that goes so well with so many things (not just Korean food). In senior writer Jordan Myrick’s best kimchi ranking, they told us about Lucky Foods Spicy Seoul Kimchi, which was a favorite. While many kimchis can be super spicy, this one brings some heat without scalding your taste buds. “It’s not crazy hot, but it’s just hot enough to satisfy your craving for something spicy,” Jordan noted, adding that’s it’s “so fermented and bubbly.” If you’re having rice or noodles for dinner, this is the perfect way to get your probiotics in.

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Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Probiotic Vanilla Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is another great way to get your probiotics at breakfast. Editor-in-chief Justine Sterling wrote in her best probiotic yogurt ranking that Stonyfield makes a probiotic yogurt worthy of ten whole sporks. “This is a yogurt you can look forward to eating to start your day, whether you like to scoop it up straight or mix it with things like fruit and granola,” she wrote. This versatility makes it all the more easy to work into our diet one way or another. We love a probiotic product that actually tastes good, and Stonyfield’s Probiotics Vanilla Yogurt is just that. 

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  • nothing compares to Lifeway Kefir. Their organic kefir is made with whole milk and the difference is quite dramatic. Yakult simply cannot compare. Anyone that doesn’t like Lifeway organic kefir is not someone to associate with.