Gut Check! Rhett & Link Try Every Mtn Dew Flavor

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, the Season 23 finale, Rhett & Link scaled a veritable mountain of soda and sampled every Mtn Dew flavor that’s currently available—24 in all. Can any of these extremely extreme contenders unseat the original Mtn Dew from its soda throne? How do exclusive flavors from Kroger and Buffalo Wild Wings stack up? These are the four Mtn Dew flavors that came out on top in Rhett & Link’s most recent Gut Check. (And, if you’re curious, here are the Mtn Dew flavors the Sporked crew loved the most.)

Thrashed Apple (Rhett: 77 | Link: 68)

Link asked, “That Thrashed Apple…is it too candy-like?” Rhett responded, “The thing about it is that in a taste test of every flavor, flavors that stand out and do a little something different—they get some extra points.” Kroger-exclusive Thrashed Apple captured the hearts and minds of Rhett & Link, and firmly earned its #4 spot.

Purple Thunder (Rhett: 67 | Link: 79)

Marketing store-exclusive sodas is a tactic Mtn Dew seems to enjoy. What began with Baja Blast (formerly a Taco Bell exclusive) continues with various flavors (noted below). Inching just past Kroger’s Thrashed Apple is Circle K’s Purple Thunder. The boys remarked on the origin of the name as they ruminated on the flavor. “It’s a weather phenomenon,” they both said. And they both liked the soda; Link particularly enjoyed the grape-y taste.

Original (Rhett: 71 | Link: 70)

Sometimes a familiar favorite is a familiar favorite for a reason. “I’ve had this before,” Link remarked when he took a sip of original Mtn Dew. “Yes, that is Mtn Dew,” Rhett stated. They enjoyed it, but agreed that it isn’t “great.” Still, they gave it fairly high scores—high enough for it to land in the #2 spot. The consensus: Original Mtn Dew is good, but has room for improvement. 

Spark (Rhett: 74 | Link: 76)

Rhett’s immediate response to taking a sip of Mtn Dew Spark was, “Now that’s a little bit refreshing! I think I like that.” Both he and Link  enjoyed this Dew immensely. They practically beamed with excitement about it. This Dew felt new and adventurous for the duo, so it wasn’t a shock that it took the top spot in their Mtn Dew Gut Check.

Rhett’s Favorite Flavor: Pineapple Orange Mango Kickstart

Link’s Favorite Flavor: Tie between Pitch Black and Purple Thunder

The Worsts: Fruit Quake, Major Melon, Summer Freeze. 

Rhett & Link Also Tried:

Bottled: Code Red, Livewire, Voltage

Kickstart: Orange Citrus, Black Cherry, Grape, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Start-up

Restaurant/Store Exclusive: Mountain Dew Legends (Buffalo Wild Wings), Baja Blast (Taco Bell), Sweet Lightning (KFC), Dark Berry Bash (Applebee’s), Maui Burst (Dollar General), Overdrive (Casey’s), Uproar (Food Lion). 

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