Rhett & Link Find the Best Cheese to Eat with Pie

On an episode of Good Mythical More back in 2019, Rhett & Link set out to find which cheese tastes best atop a slice of apple pie. This was not a thing I had heard of, but is apparently big in the Midwest (and also it sounds fantastic). Rhett & Link hadn’t tried it with any cheeses other than cheddar so they put five different cheeses to the test to see which cheese would mascarpown the competition and bring home the cheddar. Here is Rhett & Link’s ranking.


This one was great. It’s a dairy product on top of apple pie—kind of like whipped cream, except savory. Link decided this combo was so good that if he has a slice of apple pie in the future with no cheddar on it, he’s going to throw a tantrum. Rhett & Link concluded that the cheddar “brings an added dimension to the apple experience.”


Mascarpone is a cheese used in a lot of desserts (*cough* tiramisu *cough*) so it makes a lot of sense in this context, and the guys pointed that out. Rhett also suggested you dip dried dates in mascarpone and then eat them. As for how it tasted on the pie? Rhett said, “Whoa. WHOAAA.That’s good. That’s really good.” It made the apple pie creamier and seemed like a more natural/mainstream complement to pie than cheddar. It was subtle but delicious and reinforced the pie experience. It was missing the sharpness of the cheddar though, which is what put it in second place. Still an excellent option, though!

Goat Cheese

After a lengthy discussion about the financial benefits of going to community college, Rhett & Link decided that goat cheese on apple pie was pretty good—not as good as cheddar or mascarpone, but definitely better than the brie. I can imagine that the creaminess, tang, and funk, would be great with the sweet, cinnamon-y pie!

These last two tied for last place, Rhett & Link seemed to dislike them equally

Triple Cream Brie

This brie had a pungent bite to it which, in the guys’ opinion, made this not work even though they were both expecting it to be great. Why? Because, as Link pointed out, there was “a lot of foot in this cheese.” The brie they were given really must’ve been a doozy of a stanker. Rhett summed it up by saying, “It’s not really working for me, I gotta be honest. There’s a battle raging between the filling and the footness of the cheese.”


Rhett is someone who really likes Roquefort (which is a bleu cheese) and even mixing bleu cheese with sweet things like honey, but he still concluded that “this is not a good combo.” While he was saying that, Link was making various sounds of discomfort followed by the eventual, “Yeah I’m having difficulty with it.” Link had to chase it with some of the cheddar pie.

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