Rhett & Link’s Favorite Peanut Butter Snacks

Peanut butter on a spoon: The original peanut butter snack. While this tried and true classic never fails to hit the spot, let’s get real. Peanut butter snacks have evolved. From filled pretzels to peanut butter cookies to crackers, the world is now full of peanut butter snacks of every form. So what is the ultimate peanut butter snack? Well, Rhett & Link have taken up this lofty question as part of their Peanut Butter Madness Tournament by taste testing the top six peanut butter snacks on the market (determined by the wonderful Mythical Beasts themselves) in an episode of Good Mythical Morning. The two narrowed down the snacks on the basis of everything from “not peanut buttery enough” to “I just don’t like it,” and two snacks ended up in a tie, representing the best of either end of the salty-sweet spectrum of peanut butter goodness. The final two were so close that a tiebreaker was in order. Who won in the end? Let’s find out! Here’s how Rhett & Link ranked the six best peanut butter snacks.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chex Mix Muddy Buddies

From the first words out of Link’s mouth, this snack was a lost cause: “Where’s the peanut butter?” Regardless of if the snack was good or not, the snack was immediately knocked from this competition because the peanut butter flavor was nonexistent. According to the packaging, there is real peanut butter in the mix, but if the powdered chocolate and Chex Mix flavor can shine through while peanut butter can’t, then it simply can’t compete with other peanut butter snacks.

Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers

Luckily for this snack, peanut butter was definitely present. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good. Both Rhett & Link noticed the unusually dark hue of the peanut butter, noting that it almost looked burnt. And then, upon eating it, they concluded it also tasted burnt. While Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers may be a step up from the peanut butterless Muddy Buddies, that doesn’t make it a good peanut butter snack. A hard lesson was learned: Not all peanut butter is good peanut butter.

Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies

Rhett & Link thoroughly enjoyed these Girl Scout Cookies. The wafer was nice, the chocolate was subtle, and the peanut butter was soft. For a cookie, it was a darn good. However the game here is peanut butter and unfortunately this cookie only had a small dollop of peanut butter inside of it.

Nutty Buddy

Before you say, “umm isn’t that a candy bar?” Rhett & Link already negotiated its position as a snack over a candy due to the lack of individual wrapping. Yeah, you have to take it up with them. Regardless of what Nutty Buddy is, it is good. According to Link, the peanut butter that sits between the wafers is “one of the best tasting peanut butter[s] on the market,” to which Rhett pushed further by calling it “beyond peanut butter” in the most complimentary sense. Despite the praise, the guys kept it from the final two as they realized the true star of the show is the wafer, making it no longer a peanut butter forward snack, and thus not worthy of being the ultimate peanut butter snack. Also, who’s to say it counted as a snack at all?

Peanut Butter Filled Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces

Here is where things got a little difficult. Both Rhett & Link loved this snack. Despite Link’s aversion to pretzels, he still found himself craving these. These snacks hit the best salty aspects of peanut butter, starting the taster off with a salty, crunchy experience and ending with what Rhett described as a “pure unadulterated peanut butter experience.” While Rhett stood strong on this being the best peanut butter snack against Link’s insistence that it was not pure peanut butter, but instead a peanut butter PRETZEL experience, Rhett’s willpower was not enough to beat the top peanut butter snack.

Nutter Butter

This is the ultimate peanut butter snack: Nutter Butter. Everything about this snack was a win from the sugary peanut butter middle to the buttery cookie, to the actual shape of the cookie that playfully mimics that of a peanut. Link was absolutely floored by this snack, deeming it the “champion of peanutified snackiness.” Although Rhett tried his hardest to convince Link that this was less of a pure peanut butter experience and instead a peanut butter COOKIE experience, the wonderful tiebreaker voter guest, Mrs. Peanut (who looks surprisingly similar to GMM’s Emily Fleming), had to give it to Nutter Butter.

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