Rhett & Link Taste Every Flavor of David Sunflower Seeds

David, a brand that was founded in 1926 by an Armenian-American named David (shocker), is known for its giant array of sunflower seed flavors. David is also known for being banned from my junior high school. Why? Because all sunflower seeds were banned. Why? Because.

What a time the 2010s were.

But now I get to live out my junior high sunflower seed dreams (vicariously, through Rhett & Link, of course) and find out which flavor of David sunflower seeds is the best flavor in this episode of Good Mythical More that aired back in March of 2021. Let’s get crackin’! (Oh, and if you’re curious what the Sporked crew has to say on the matter, check out their ranking of the best sunflower seed flavors.)

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Jalapeño Hot Salsa

After Rhett & Link discussed how much they cry in general and whether they’ve ever felt remorse in a dream before, Link determined that Jalapeño Hot Salsa flavor was “not bad at all,” while Rhett was a bit unsure about it.

Sweet & Spicy

Rhett immediately said, “MMMMMM, that’s good!” Link pointed out that these would be good for fishing or doing other things that take a long time, though I think he maybe have been referring to sunflower seeds in general, not these in particular. Why do I think that? Because he didn’t like these; they were too sweet for him. Rhett, on the other hand, loved this flavor. The spice is mild and the sweetness balances nicely.

Dill Pickle

Rhett liked these, and began his review of them with, “MMMM this works.” Link thought these were fine, noting that they taste great but he’s not sure he could eat them for the duration of a whole movie. Another topic that was happening at the same time: Both Rhett & Link said they thought possums have a lifespan of between two to five years, though they live longer if they are from Virginia. I did fact check this (on Wikipedia, so take it with a few hundred grains of salt), and they are correct on both fronts. Then they moved on to talk about how they’ve wanted to put their hands in a possum’s mouth. They then clarified: This would be a professional possum, not a regular one—perhaps one from Free Willy 2 (which I also checked, and, while I could be mistaken, it would seem this movie about a whale does not contain even a trace of possum).

Sour Cream & Onion

This is the first flavor Rhett & Link really loved. When Link first tried these he said, “Oooh Rhett, sour cream and onion are gooooood, boy!” Rhett then tried them and said, “MMM!” Meanwhile link Link was telling a story about a dream he had where he accidentally kicked someone and it left a bruise. That is to say, there isn’t much else to say about these other than that Rhett said he really liked them, too.

Cracked Pepper

Cracked pepper was a “home run.” Both Rhett & Link loved it. Link tried it and immediately told Rhett that “cracked pepper is SO GOOD.”

The Worst of the Worst (so you know what to avoid): The Spicy Queso flavor was BAD. Link even called it both “horrible” and “nasty.” The BBQ flavor was also not good; they both had audible negative reactions to it. Ranch was “a bit much,” according to Link, and the Buffalo Ranch tasted like bleu cheese and was “horrible,” according to Link, and “not coming together for me,” according to Rhett.

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