Rhett & Link Taste Frozen Thanksgiving Dinners

Sometimes you just can’t make it home to your family for Thanksgiving. Whether that’s because travel is too expensive, the weather sucks, or the fact that you just don’t really need that kind of judgment right now, you are valid, you are special, and you still deserve a Thanksgiving dinner of some kind. But if you aren’t ready to cook an entire feast for just you, take heart.

On a 2019 episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link tasted some of the most popular frozen Thanksgiving meals to find the best. Here they are in order from from “Pil-GRIM” to “Cornucopi-YUM.”

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Marie Callender’s Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing

This frozen meal contains turkey breast, mashed potatoes, a medley of veggies, stuffing, and gravy. Yes, I said a whole MEDLEY of veggies. The guys were very impressed with this until they actually tried the veggies and said that they were both “really bad” and “awful.” They even told Marie that her vegetable medley was out of tune. As for all the other components? Bad. They were bad. Rhett & Link found very few positive things to say about this one once they actually tasted it.

Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey Breast

This one came with roasted turkey and stuffing, savory dressing, and a side of…wait for it…cinnamon apples. I don’t know what you were expecting the side to be, but I bet it wasn’t that. Link was immediately miffed that there was turkey in his apples and potentially some apples in his turkey. Rhett wasn’t so sure about the meal either and noted that “there’s something a little bit weird about the turkey.” The apples were good, but the apples moving around the plate really threw Link off and he suggested Lean Cuisine make the partition in the middle of the tray higher. We love some constructive feedback.

Stouffer’s Roast Turkey

This one had white meat turkey and stuffing with mashed potatoes and gravy. Despite the noticeable lack of peas (which only annoyed Link, and only a little), every other aspect of this meal was apparently really good. The turkey chunks looked a lot more real and less cold-cut-like than some of the others. Not only that, the stuffing in this one elicited an “oh wow” from Rhett and a “very authentic” from Link. As it should, the stuffing (or dressing) had a pop of celery flavor, according to Link.

Banquet Turkey Meal

It’s serving peas, mashed potatoes, and turkey and stuffing with gravy. And it’s serving all that for about two bucks (apparently, just 50 cents when on sale). This meal appeared to have dark meat and white meat turkey. Rhett immediately said, “It’s not bad!” and Link said, “Imma tell you right now: this is pretty good!” And if both R&L like it, that’s def a good sign. They both thought this one was super solid. As they were finishing this one up, they summarized it perfectly: “It’s tasty, it’s classic, it’s Banquet.” The turkey does look a bit like a cold cuts, though, if that’s something you care about.

Hungry Man Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey

This one was neck and neck with Banquet but ultimately ended up on top. This meal contains turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables, and an apple-cranberry dessert on the side. Rhett took one bite of this turkey and immediately perked up. While it had a somewhat cold-cut-like look and feel to it, the taste was pure Thanksgiving, at least according to Rhett. The vegetable medley was miles better than Marie Callender’s, and everything else just had a general good taste to it. In fact, they said it tasted like everything in the Banquet meal but better, which is why it moved into first place and won it the title of “Cornucopi-YUM!”

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