Rhett & Link Explore the Wonderful World of International Fanta Flavors

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, international palates change up a soda classic. The lineup? Five international Fanta flavors. The expert tasters? Rhett & Link, of course. They had no idea where the Fantas are from—or even what flavor they are. Have their numerous international food adventures finally honed their taste buds? Let’s go over what happened on the most recent Good Mythical Morning International Taste Test.

Fanta Banana

Country of Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

The first flavor the guys tried was the orange-colored Fanta Banana (trippy, huh?) from Trinidad and Tobago. The flavor is popular across the Caribbean, where banana production is widespread. It’s safe to say that Link has had a banana before, but as he took his first sip, he said, “Ooh that’s different.” Then, “That is not preferable.” He noted that it wasn’t as fizzy as a typical American Fanta, tasted floral notes, and identified a “fake sweetness to it that’s like…almost like bad cotton candy.” While he guessed it came from Peru, Rhett’s attuned taste buds picked up the actual answer. “I taste banana,” he started, “Do you not taste banana?” As the realization washed over him, Link muttered a defeated “Oh crap.” Rhett correctly identified Trinidad and Tobago as the country of origin.

Fanta Yogurt Rush Melon Mix

Country of Origin: Japan

Japan’s Fanta Yogurt Rush Melon Mix was the next flavor the guys tasted. Yogurt Rush Fantas are extremely popular there, and this is the third flavor they’ve released, after Yogurt Rush Double Peach and Yogurt Rush Double Grape. The “Melon Mix” in this Yogurt Rush is made up of two fruits: melon and pineapple. When Link took his first sip he said, “Ooh. Now that is interesting.” He noted how “cloudy” the white soda was, but really struggled to identify the flavor. “Is it pear?” he asked. “Is it coconut? There’s something in it that I don’t like.” Considering that the list of foods Link doesn’t like is very, very long that could mean pretty much anything. Rhett, on the other hand, quickly identified the melon. Off-camera, he noted that he tasted hints of “honeydew or a cantaloupe” and a “something else” that he couldn’t quite identify (the yogurt). Because the guys have tasted melon-flavored products before, many from East Asian countries, Rhett was able to accurately guess Japan.

Fanta Fruit Twist

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The third Fanta the guys tried was Fanta Fruit Twist from the United Kingdom, which has a variety of fruits like orange, peach, and apple in it. When Fanta Fruit Twist first came out in the UK, it became so popular that a zero-sugar version was made. And the guys loved the fruit twistiness. Link summed it up for them both, saying, “That’s good. We like this.” He then described the flavor profile as “mild” and “lemony.” Partially due to its color, Link became convinced that “it could just be grapefruit.” Rhett, on the other hand, said, “I think it’s passion fruit.” (Off-camera, he admitted, “I don’t know what passion fruit tastes like.”) The Fanta Fruit Twist felt distinctly South and Central American to them.

Fanta Shokata

Country of Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fanta Shokata is a lemony elderflower Fanta based on socata, an elderflower blossom drink popular in the Balkans. Elderflower and lemon. What’s not to love? Well… apparently a lot. Link went through every emotion humanly possible in what can only be described as a Kombucha Girl moment. He hesitantly sipped, and was initially pleased, “Ooh!” Then, a wince followed: “Uh?! It’s like fruit. And then cologne.” He could not pin down the flavor (to something edible at least). Rhett whispered “lychee” to the camera, to which Link replied, “Lychee does not have milkcologny taste.” (What a wordsmith). Link refused to give up on identifying the flavor, though. After another taste, he said that the Fanta Shokata has “a bite to it,” “some sharpness,” and “a little bit of sour,” but couldn’t come to a solid conclusion on what exactly it was. In addition to lychee, Rhett tasted aloe. Because the flavors didn’t seem European enough to them, they guessed that it came from China.

Fanta Kolita

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Fanta Kolita was the final of the international Fanta flavors the guys tried. It’s a flavor popular across Latin America and tastes like tutti frutti, vanilla, and bubblegum combined. Coca-Cola, however, claims that its flavor is similar to grenadine. In Latin America, it’s commonly used in a shaved ice dessert called granizado. The guys weren’t given a bank of countries to pick from, so for this round they went in completely blind. Link didn’t like the Fanta Kolita (“This is not good”). Off-camera, he said that wasn’t because the flavor was bad, but because he doesn’t enjoy “floral tasting stuff.” To Rhett, the answer seemed obvious: “It is rose.” Following that line of reasoning, he concluded that it must have come from the Middle East.

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