Rhett & Link Tried 33 Keebler Cookies to Find Their Favorite

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think about Keebler Cookies without thinking of the James McAvoy Air Traffic Control sketch on SNL. Why? Because of this line right here. For some reason that Scottish accent saying “No, a Keebler. No, alright” lives in my head rent free and I’m okay with that.

The other thing I think of when I think of Keebler cookies is the fact that in September 2021, during a Gut Check episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link tasted 33 different Keebler products and gave them each a score from 1 to 100. The categories were Fudge, Chocolate Chips, Shortbread, and Miscellaneous. Interestingly enough, their top four were only from the Fudge and Shortbread categories and none of the others. So I won’t keep-ler you waiting any longer, here are their top picks.

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Sandies Classic Shortbread

Link’s Immediate reaction was that these plain vanilla cookies are “boring but elegant–it’s like an aunt that visits occasionally.” Rhett agreed with the fancy vibe and said the Sandies “make you feel like you’re at a country club.” Honestly, if a cookie can immediately make a person feel this fancy, maybe I have to try these out so I can trick people into thinking I’m sophisticated.

Caramel Nut Dreams

With these cookies, Rhett & Link first had to address the elephant in the room. As Rhett put it, “Hehe, nut dreams.” Elephant addressed. He also said, “I’m not gonna say that ‘nut dreams’ was my nickname in High School…” but like, by saying he wasn’t going to say it, he kind of said it, and we’re all happy he did. Once they actually tried the cookies, Link thought they were “pretty good” and Rhett said that they “might be my favorite so far.” Granted, they were only five cookies in (out of 33) at that point.

Whoopsy Fudge Stripes

This one looked like a classic Fudge Stripe cookie except completely covered in chocolate fudge as if to say, “This was supposed to have stripes on it but we accidentally dropped the whole cookie in. Aren’t we whimsical, whoopsy!” Both Rhett and Link liked this better than the normal Fudge Stripe cookies because…well…more fudge, more fun, can’t lose.

Peanut Butter Dreams

Upon hearing the name of these cookies, both Rhett & Link immediately said “ohhhhhhh no.” Not because they were dreading the Peanut Butter Dreams, but because they both knew they were going to love them. Upon taking the first bite Rhett said, “Man that has some soft butter,” and Link agreed saying, “Mmhmm. it’s a good consistency.” Another plus of the Peanut Butter Dreams versus the Caramel Nut Dreams is that the cookie part within the chocolate coating is a chocolate cookie (as opposed to a vanilla cookie) in the peanut butter iteration, adding another sweet sweet layer to the layers upon layers of perfection. 

Some Honorable Mentions

Rhett really liked the Vienna Fingers (oblong vanilla sandwich cookies with a hint of lemon), the Whoopsy Fudge Stripes Mint (same as Fudge Stripes but mint flavored – a mint-flavored cookie covered in chocolate), and the Simply Made Butter Cookies, which Link said seemed like an old person cookie (a sentiment Rhett confirmed by revealing that he used to have these with his grandma). In another interesting twist, both Rhett & Link liked the Country Style Oatmeal cookie a fair amount as well. 

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