Are Mini Snacks More Delicious? Rhett & Link Find Out

Is bigger always better? When it comes to bathtubs and bank accounts, yes, but not necessarily snacks. On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link decide which is better: regular-sized or mini-sized snacks.

Round 1: Cheetos vs Cheetos Minis

I know what you’re thinking. There are mini Cheetos?? Not to burst your cheesy bubble, but Cheetos Minis aren’t really just small Cheetos, despite what the name suggests. Cheetos Minis come in a tubular can (like the Pringles container) and visually look like cheese balls. 

Rhett said that despite the cheese ball appearance of the Cheetos Minis, they don’t taste like cheese balls because they aren’t as soft. They have the same hard consistency as normal Cheetos.

Both Rhett & Link liked the Cheetos Minis. Link preferred the Cheetos Minis over normal Cheetos because he liked that each piece is consistent in size (unlike in a regular Cheetos bag, where size varies). However, Rhett preferred the classic, explaining, “They were better than you thought, but it’s hard to beat a real Cheetos, though.”

Round 2: Doritos vs. Doritos Minis

Rhett & Link didn’t like the Doritos Minis as much as the Cheetos Minis, let alone the original Doritos. Rhett said, “It actually just looks like broken up chips, right? Who does this appeal to? Are these for children?”

The Doritos Minis also comes in a tubular can, but it doesn’t offer anything else of note. Link said, “For children who want an adult experience they should try Doritos Minis.” No qualifications.

Round 3: Chips Ahoy! vs. Mini Chips Ahoy! 

Rhett is not a fan of Chips Ahoy!, so he likes the Mini Chips Ahoy! more because it’s less Chips Ahoy! than actual Chips Ahoy! My gosh, too many Chips Ahoys! in one sentence—it doesn’t even feel like a real brand name anymore. Ahoy there? Ahoy there!

Anyhow, Link, who likes Chips Ahoy!, had thoughts. He said the Mini Chips Ahoy! are “taller, browner, and less chocolate, more cookie.” Link liked the Mini Chips Ahoy!, but still thinks the original is better.

Round 4: SunChips Garden Salsa vs. SunChips Minis Garden Salsa

Rhett & Link both preferred the mini version, SunChips Minis Garden Salsa, to the regular-sized chips because there’s a bigger flavor explosion. Finally, agreement and surprise! How delicious. 

Link said, “They’re crunchier. It’s like they’re a little thicker so that they don’t break in the cylinder.” Rhett finished Round 4 with a call to action: “Get a little SunChips!”

Round 5: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Reese’s Minis Unwrapped

Rhett had passionate words about Reese’s: “There’s no world in which the small one is better than the big one. There’s so much about the process of eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that is perfect in every way—every part of the journey is perfect. And I can’t just collapse this entire cross-country journey into one solitary bite.” That was straight-up poetry.

However, Link decided the smaller version is superior because he thinks the original is too peanut-heavy, thus Reese’s Minis Unwrapped have a more robust chocolate flavor. Link thinks something is too peanut buttery?? Unprecedented.

Round 6: Oreo vs. Oreo Mini

In terms of Oreos, Rhett said he prefers the cookie-to-creme ratio in the original. Link, on the other hand, prefers the smaller version because he isn’t a huge fan of Oreos in general, and he likes that he can pop the smaller versions in quickly and be done with it.

In the end, they only ended up agreeing on the SunChip decision. Sometimes that’s just the way the chip crumbles.

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