The Lick Daddies Are Back: Rhett & Link Rank Salt and Vinegar Snacks

We ranked the best salt and vinegar chips here at Sporked, but what about the best salt and vinegar snacks? Back in 2018, Rhett & Link tasted six different salt and vinegar products on an episode of Good Mythical Morning during a Super Snack Flavor Match to determine the best. They scored each snack on a scale of 1-10 based on how close it came to tasting like actual actual salt and vinegar. So, which snacks earned the triumphant title of the most tangy? Read on to find out.

Round 1: Blue Diamond Bold Salt ‘n Vinegar Almonds

Rhett & Link couldn’t say enough good things about this snack. Link loved how well the salt and vinegar flavor pairs with the roasted almonds. Rhett was blown away by how much these taste like actual salt and vinegar, “especially as it settles in your mouth. It settles on your lips.” Link started to cough a little bit—that’s how much salt and vinegar flavor these nuts are serving. They both wanted to score this a 10, but since it was the first snack in the test, they conservatively each gave it an 8 for a total score of 16.

Round 2: Kettle Brand Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

“The vinegar is more specific,” said Rhett about these chips. Link didn’t think they were as pungent as the Blue Diamond almonds. However, they both agreed that the pronounced salt and vinegar flavor in the almonds is due to the malic acid. Rhett went a point lower than the almonds and scored these chips a 7. Link, however, thought these were on par with the almonds in terms of flavor. He gave these an 8 for a total score of 15. 

Round 3: Weight Watchers Popped Salt & Vinegar Potato Crisps

“I mean, I might as well be eating a poker chip,” said Link. The boys felt that the flavor of these potato crisps is so pronounced and off-putting that it took away from the salt and vinegar taste. Rhett agreed that while this snack does have a noticeable salt and vinegar flavor, it just wasn’t as strong as the others. They each gave these chips a 5, bringing the total to an even 10.

Round 4: Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips are a classic. “That’s a good chip,” said Link. Rhett thought the potato flavor was so strong that it took away from the vinegar flavor. “It’s very potato forward,” he said, “Just like my uncle.” Rhett went on to admit that the flavor really builds after you eat five or six chips. Rhett gave these chips an 8, and Link gave them a 7, adding up to a score of 15.

Round 5: Carolina Country Snacks Salt & Vinegar Pork Rinds

These were made in Henderson, North Carolina, near where Rhett & Link grew up. Unfortunately, they found the pork flavor to be so strong that the salt and vinegar taste is barely present. In fact, Link said, “There is no salt and vinegar.” These got a combined score of only 3, but at least the boys had a lot of fun saying “pork daddy.” Shoot, I’ll say it: pork daddy.

Round 6: Annie Chun’s Organic Sea Salt & Vinegar Seaweed Snacks

“It tastes exactly like salt and vinegar!” exclaimed Rhett. The problem here was that Link hates seaweed snacks, and thinks the taste is like “licking a fish.” However, Rhett was adamant these taste just like salt and vinegar. He said, “It’s so salty and so vinegary! So much more than anything else!” He fought to give these a 12 (which is illegal), but settled on a perfect 10. Link, who may be biased, gave them a 5, adding to another total score of 15.

Winner: Blue Diamond Bold Salt ‘n Vinegar Almonds

However, three other products in this ranking scored a high 15. And Rhett gave the Seaweed snacks a perfect 10. This was a really, really close race.

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