Hey! Listen (Up)! Rhett & Link Tried Video Game Snacks

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link tried six snacks inspired by video games. Relying solely on taste and appearance—no packaging whatsoever—they attempted to identify the video game each snack is associated with. So, do video game snacks taste any good? Or are they better off staying in their virtual worlds? Here’s how two dudes who don’t play video games felt.

Sonic Energy Drink

This round featured G-Fuel’s “Peach Rings” flavored drink, inspired by the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog games. Right off the bat, the guys were at a disadvantage. They didn’t have any packaging to go off of, and the drink was clear. (Yikes, a Sonic-inspired drink that isn’t blue?) Rhett seemed disappointed by it, saying, “It’s just a drink.” Link elaborated a bit, noting that “it’s clear, it’s fizzy… tastes like a sweet tart.” With very little to go off of, Link had to make a “semi-educated guess,” which didn’t work out too well. Typically, when the flavor of a mystery drink is revealed on the show, it usually clicks in the guys’ heads (case in point: Link and Fanta Banana). But after the flavor of the drink was revealed, the guys remained unconvinced. So, what does it taste like? “It’s just a drink.”

Minecraft Ice Cream

Minecraft fans were probably screaming when this ice cream was presented and Rhett & Link didn’t immediately get it. For context, it’s a cube. A literal cube of ice cream. Link looked at it and said, “This looks like a load of ice cream.” Okay, sure! He also noted that there were what appeared to be “green shards of glass” in the pale, greenish ice cream. Later, when he realized it was (obviously) not shards of glass, Rhett thanked the crew for not giving them “sharded ice cream.” Sigh. Appearance aside, the mint-flavored ice cream was a huge hit with the guys. “I just want another bite of that,” Rhett said repeatedly, “I like it cause it’s just straight mint. Like it doesn’t have chocolate, it’s just mint.” Considering finding mint ice cream without chocolate chips is downright impossible, this product is super unique. They replace the chocolate chips with peppermint chunks, for maximal mintiness.

Animal Crossing Snowball Cookies

These little, round biscuits inspired by Animal Crossing are meant to mimic snowballs, which are a major feature in the game. The powdery bits of shortbread didn’t go over well with Link, who thought they were “not a great snack.” On the other hand, Rhett enjoyed them, saying, “I like little crispy, dry cookies.” Though the packaging clearly references Animal Crossing, the cookies themselves aren’t obviously snowballs. “These are PAC-MAN pellets,” Link argued. Rhett initially thought they were some sort of little power-inducing snacks that Kirby ate, but was convinced by Link’s claim. In fact, I was completely convinced by his argument, despite knowing the answer. So, it’s safe to say the snack isn’t too unique. They might as well be golf balls.

Pokémon Curry

Rhett & Link were presented with a little glass bowl of sweet pork and corn curry, inspired by Pokémon, in which curry is a popular food item. Link first asked, “Is it gravy?” Then, after trying it, he said, “Oh, this is like a curry”—specifically, chicken curry. Neither of them seemed to taste the pork or corn flavoring, and Rhett said that it seemed like “something you’d eat in the apocalypse.” Whether that was a criticism of the favor or a guess at the video game origin is unclear. Either way, it didn’t seem like anything to write home about. The packaging is clever, though: “Curry in a little card-shaped package!”

Mario SpaghettiOs

Apparently, Mario SpaghettiOs are a grocery store hidden gem. The soupy, canned pasta comes with meatballsLink described as “very nostalgic.” “I like these little meatballs,” he said, “The meatballs are the freaking best, man.” (Rhett ate all of them.) But the pasta was where the SpaghettiOs fell apart. “Oh! Here we go!” Link said when he finally fished out a piece. (Hold up. Read that again in a Mario voice…Link’s psychic!) After staring at it for a bit, Link warned, “Whatever this represents, I think everyone’s gonna be disappointed when they open it.” He couldn’t tell what any of the shapes were. “Excuse me for regurgitating this,” he said, as he sucked them clean of sauce and spit them back out to get a better look. His method didn’t help much. It was only after a long period of staring that either of the guys were able to get a clue from the shapes. Rhett saw a noodle that resembled a fire flower, giving him the answer he was looking for. The verdict? These SpaghettiOs slap flavor-wise, but you’re better off getting alphabet soup if you want fun, easily recognizable shapes.

Fallout Nuka-Cola

The final video game munchie was made by Jones Soda. The drink was created as part of a collaboration with Fallout, in which “Nuka-Cola” bottle caps are used as currency. In the game, the drink is supposed to be made of 17 fruit essences and a ridiculous amount of caffeine and sugar, which is probably why Link thought it tasted horrible. Rhett said, “Doesn’t taste like a real fruit that I know of.” Link picked up on the apocalyptic nature of the flavor and blue color, calling it “a radioactive something.” The guys liked the packaging, which—when you’re dropping $45 dollars for a soda—is super important. But, the bottle doesn’t have the collectible bottle caps.

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