Rhett & Link Taste Hot Sauces for Wings

There are few meat-eating people who don’t love a good wing. Likewise, there are few wing-eating people who don’t enjoy a great hot sauce on their wings.

As part of a giant, multi-day hot sauce tournament on Good Mythical Morning back in the summer of 2021, Rhett & Link devoted an entire day to just wing sauces. Which one was hot enough to “take a ride on the saucy smokin’ hot sauce yacht” (which was a physical thing)? Find out here.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Hot Sauce

That’s right, BWW came out on top. It makes sense– they are a restaurant with wings in the name. Rhett tried it and said, “That’s a solid sauce, man,” and Link noted that “it’s got a kick to it.” Rhett also told a long story about how (fun fact) BWW used to be BWWW or BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, weck being a specific kind of roll roast beef is served on in certain parts of New York State). Back to the sauce though, both Rhett & Link found this to be a really pleasant, tasty option. This one was decidedly hotter than the Sweet Baby Ray’s (SBR) buffalo sauce, and even Rhett liked it better despite being a SBR fan. Plus, The BWW offering is also cheaper than the SBR sauce, so it’s more bang for your buck! A crowd pleaser that meets the expectations, this one’s a bullseye.

Melinda’s Creamy Style Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

Besides some controversy involving a family member getting cut out of the business (which Rhett thought added to the spicy hot sauce experience), this sauce packs a lot of “heaaaat!,” or at least I assume it does since “heeeaaaat” was the first thing Link said when he tried it. The ghost pepper smell brought back some bad memories for Link, but he liked it anyway, which says something about how good this sauce is. Rhett added, “That’s a tasty sauce”. They both agreed it has a lot more flavor than the Hot Ones offering they also tried (see below). It was almost too much heat, but not quite. This would be a good option to put out for heat lovers.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce

Link said, “Dang that’s a good sauce.” Both guys agreed that it is classic, and why would you accept anything less for your beautiful buffalo wings. Oft the sauce, Link said, “This tastes like the standard, my man.” They both found it to be a good, solid option. Link thought he detected “some notes of celery in there,” but Rhett wasn’t so sure.

Stubb’s Wicked Habanero Wing Sauce

This one was so unique that Rhett & Link moved it to round two over its opponent, not because it tasted better but because they had never had anything like it. They made comments like: “Whoa. Lot of pepper,” “very black peppery,” and that it, “really surprises you.” Rhett pointed out that it also “has a bit of a cleaner taste to it” not as in it tastes clean, but as in it tastes like Pine Sol due to an “almost sour top note” according to Link. A downside of this one? You can’t taste the chicken through the sauce. I guess chicken, like a man, can get lost in the sauce, but also if the same chicken does not have the sauce, then he is lost. Thanks, Gucci Mane.

The last four weren’t really ranked but I would say that Rhett and link liked them in this order …

Capital City Sweet Hot Mambo Sauce

This one was syrupy sweet and tasted like McDonald’s Sweet ‘N Sour nugget sauce. You can still taste the chicken though, so that’s a plus.

Hot Ones the Classic Hot Sauce

This one was less hot than Melinda’s, but it doesn’t claim to be that hot, so it’s fine. This is the first and mildest one they eat on Hot Ones. Very sweet, really good tang.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Red Chili Sauce

This one tasted good but Link would’ve preferred it on salmon instead of chicken. Yes, that’s the extent of the tasting notes I have for this one.

Capital City Mild Mambo Sauce

They really didn’t like this one. They decided it’s boring, tastes like ketchup, and is for the “whiny kids who only want mild.”

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