Rhett & Link Taste Test Pizza Dips

I’m going to be honest: I watched the Good Mythical Morning episode where Rhett & Link try a bunch of different pizza dips when it came out in 2020, and I remember thinking to myself, “People dip pizza in things other than ranch?” Turns out the answer is a resounding yes.

In this episode, Rhett & Link tasted two sauces at a time to try and correctly guess which pizza dippin’ sauce was the winner of the public poll they conducted prior to their taste test. So, they didn’t really rank these sauces and were instead guessing the Mythical Beasts’ opinions rather than giving their own. But they did like some of these options way more than others. Here are all of the popular pizza dipping sauces they tried in order of their excitement about them.

Garlic Butter

They both loved this one (they are both self-proclaimed garlic butter guys) but thought the world would like marinara better. Turns out they were wrong—the people love garlic butter just as much as they do. I actually haven’t tried this, but it looks so McFrickin good I may just have to seek out some garlic butter the next time I order a pie. Rhett even mentioned in the final round, Buffalo vs. Ranch, that those two are what he would choose “other than garlic butter.”

Balsamic Glaze

Link absolutely LOVED this one. He immediately said “MMMM, I like that … MMM,” and went on to say, “This is the ticket right here.” Rhett agreed, chiming in with a “that’s very very good. It’s better than the cheese sauce.” They both correctly assumed the poll would wrongly say nacho cheese sauce is better on pizza than a balsamic glaze, but they encouraged viewers to give balsamic a try.


Both Rhett & Link agreed (and so did the poll) that ranch is just really, really nice on pizza. But most of us know that. Do try this if you haven’t. There are few things better than a piping hot slice of pizza dunked in cold-from-the-fridge ranch dressing.


Rhett tried it and immediately said, “You can’t complain about that.” And Link agreed, saying that it “gives you that extra tomato niceness”, which is a lot coming from Link, who hates all uncooked tomatoes. Granted, the tomatoes in marinara sauce are cooked, but any sauce that can make tomatoes into a “niceness” for Link Neal is indeed a magic sauce.

Hot Honey

They both found this to be super spicy but also super delicious. They both already liked honey on pizza and decided this had all the benefits, with the added dimension of spice. As for the public poll, hot honey was 50/50 with Thai peanut sauce, which Rhett & Link thought didn’t go as nicely with plain cheese pizza.

Buffalo Sauce

When Rhett took a taste of the pizza dipped in the buffalo sauce, he said, “That’s heavenly.” Rhett preferred buffalo over ranch, while Link liked buffalo but preferred ranch.

Nacho Cheese Sauce

Link pointed out the redundancy of a cheese sauce on cheese pizza, and after trying it, Rhett noted that it was “unnecessary and excessive but pretty good.” The poll preferred cheese sauce over balsamic, which both Rhett & Link disagreed with.


Both Rhett & Link thought mayonnaise on pizza was pretty good and actually added a dimension to the pizza, whereas the ketchup in the same round removed some dimensions from the pizza. I mean, it makes sense given that mayo is often a component of ranch, but the public liked ketchup better, which Rhett & Link suspected might be because people haven’t actually tried the combo.

Thai Peanut Sauce

This was strange with the marinara, and neither Rhett nor Link liked the combo much at all. They thought it could be good on a Thai-themed pizza, but the peanut, tomato sauce, and cheese melded together in a way that didn’t really work.


Rhett & Link pointed out that dipping pizza in ketchup seems like something you would do “if you don’t understand what marinara is and you think this would do it.” Spoiler alert: it doesn’t do it. Link pointed out that the biggest downside to ketchup as a pizza dip is that you only taste the pizza at the very end, which kind of defeats the point of pizza if all you taste is ketchup.

As for the Mythical Beasts’ favorite overall? It was ranch. Because, of course it was—who doesn’t love ranch on pizza? (I will be trying out garlic butter next time, though. I didn’t even realize it was an option and now I’m desperate to find out what I’ve been missing.)

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  • I mean, what even is this? The only good pizza dipping item is bleu cheese….. why would you even bother with anything else? You get the pizza, and you get wings… you use the leftover bleu cheese from the wings to dip the cold pizza in. It’s the best.

  • If it’s just the back crust garlic butter is so good.(esp. Papa John’s gb)
    If it’s the whole slice ranch is the way to go. The hot honey sounds good, but it’s expensive.