Rhett & Link (& Stevie!) Rank the Best Canned Water

Searching for the best canned water? Find out what Rhett & Link & Stevie thought about five top brands of canned H2O.

The first time I heard of Liquid Death Canned Water was when my friend from college called me at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday (yes, called, in 2019) to tell me that he bought cool water and I needed to try it. And because I had nothing else to do, I walked a mile to try what turned out to be Liquid Death water, then walked a mile home. It was so worth it. And as much as I thought it was a joke at the time, and to some extent it kind of is, canned water itself is a growing category due in large part to the fact that cans are much more recyclable than plastic bottles (they can go from recycling container to store shelves in just 60 days), so if you absolutely have to buy water at the store instead of using a reusable wha-er bow-uhl (as they say in England), cans are a bit of a sustainable trade up.

To help you find the best canned water out there, Stevie, Rhett & Link, tried five different canned waters on an episode of “Let’s Talk About That.” Here are their thoughts.

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Open Water

Stevie called this classically canned water one an “Aquafina situation” (which is an insult, by the way, for those of you non-water-connoisseurs, like myself). She flat-out said, “I don’t like it.” Link called it middle-of-the-road water—not great but not going to kill you.

Ever & Ever

Sold in an aluminum bottle instead of a can, everyone agreed this one had a “slightly metal aftertaste,” which they did not enjoy.  Stevie said, “This is my least favorite so far but I appreciate the amount of copy you got on your container.” And she’s not wrong, the container was positively covered in copy. A big pro: You can seal it back up because it is a metal bottle.

Cw4k CannedWater4Kids 

This canned water helps fund clean water programs worldwide. so, if you are really into good causes and only kind of into drinking the best tasting canned water, opt for this one.

Proud Source 

Stevie immediately liked this water better than Ever & Ever and CW4K. Link said, “It’s crisper.” Rhett also said this one was better than Ever & Ever, and it too happens to be resealable.

Liquid Death Mountain Water 

Unanimously the best of the bunch. Stevie said it had a “nice alkaline base” and was “not too bitter.” I trust her judgment as she is a water connoisseur.  Conversely, Rhett said this one “just tastes like water to me,” so make of that what you will. Liquid Death is water from the Austrian Alps and the can looks like Miller Lite so you can fake having a beer at parties, if that’s a fun game you like to play.

Rhett & Link & Stevie talk about different canned water brands on this episode of “Let’s Talk About That”

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