And the Official Flavor of Summer 2023 Is…

Ah, the rocket pop (aka Bomb Pops, aka Firecrackers). The tricolored ice cream truck staple that leaves you asking, “Did I just eat three different flavors in one projectile-shaped popsicle?” to which I would answer, “Yes, yes you did.” That’s the cool thing about a rocket pop—you get three flavors in one: cherry, lime or lemon, and blue raspberry (arguably some of the best flavors out there). But now that you are an adult and chasing down the ice cream truck isn’t typically on your daily to-do list (ugh, lame—more adults need to chase down ice cream trucks), you may be wondering what other places you can find this specific concoction of flavors. Well, you are in luck because this summer it seems that every beverage brand and their mother from beer and seltzer to soda and energy drinks is coming out with a rocket pop-flavored selection, so all you have to do to get your tongue a taste of this classic flavor trio is head on over to the beverage aisle, where you may encounter some of the below products (and more!).

So, what kind of rocket pop-inspired products can we expect to see and what will they taste like?

Glad you asked. In terms of brand new items for 2023, we’ve got the one and only Mtn Dew Summer Freeze flavor, which you may have started to see in your local grocery stores this past month. They claim that this bright blue Mtn Dew flavor tastes like a cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry-flavored ice pop from “the best summer of your life…you know the one.” Awww shucks, Mtn Dew. I love it when brands get cheeky. Also now I feel like I HAVE to try this. Partially because I want to know what PepsiCo (maker of Mtn Dew) thinks the best summer of my life tastes like and partially because I am a fiend for anything even remotely blue raspberry.

mtn new summer freeze

A New Mtn Dew Flavor Is Summer Nostalgia You Can Sip

Mtn Dew is known for whipping up some of the most ridiculous and controversial soda flavors. And yet another new Mtn Dew flavor is heading to stores this summer: Mtn Dew Summer Freeze.

This summer will also see the return of Faygo Firework, which as far as I know has not been out since 2021, when it was in stores briefly before promptly selling out everywhere. This translucent soda is cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavored, and was apparently so good that the last time it was in stores and sold out, it started a price gouging war on eBay, with people buying single bottles for $50. So, needless to say, if you see some of this Faygo Firework and think you might want to try it someday, grab it.

And as I said, last year and this year have both seen the introduction of some new ~adult beverages~, energy drinks, and sports hydration drinks as well, so if you were (or still are) a rocket pop lovin’ fiend, go check out all the new products hitting the market—you just might find your new favorite (admittedly patriotic) summer drink. As for me, I’m going to go chug some blue Mtn Dew and write a few more articles. Happy summer!

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