A New Mtn Dew Flavor Is Summer Nostalgia You Can Sip

Mtn Dew is known for whipping up some of the most ridiculous and controversial soda flavors, from Fruit Quake to Flamin’ Hot. If there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s getting our attention. And yet another new Mtn Dew flavor is heading to stores in April: Mtn Dew Summer Freeze. Okay, this flavor isn’t exactly new, but it will be available nationally for the very first time.

A new Mtn Dew flavor that isn’t actually new? Please explain.

Last June, Mtn Dew opened the Mtn Dew Outpost on Doe Mountain near Mountain City, Tennessee. Yes, an outpost on a mountain for a mountain-themed soda right next to a city named after a—you got it—mountain. It was an event to which, regretfully, I was not invited. And, oh, how I wish I was! The neon green building was home to all sorts of secret-y and special things, like limited edition bottles, an official Mtn Dew Outpost Ranger, and six all-new outdoorsy flavors to try: elderberry, apple cinnamon, s’mores, huckleberry, summer popsicle, and pickle. (How is pickle outdoorsy? Ask Mtn Dew, not me.) While the people who were lucky enough to try these new flavors were invited to give feedback, no results were ever made public. Then, the flavors disappeared off the face of the planet… until now


For all of you Mtn Dew fans who are still reeling from the news that Mtn Dew Pitch Black is being discontinued (yet again), just know that something special is on the horizon. Leaked images of the new Mtn Dew flavor’s packaging suggest that it’s the aforementioned “summer popsicle” flavor, and it’s based on those delicious red, white, and blue popsicles that everyone busts out over the summer. It’s not totally clear whether Mtn Dew Summer Freeze will precisely emulate Bomb Pops, but, if so, expect the drink to taste like cherry, lime, and blue raspberry. Mtn Dew described the flavor as “DEW with a Blast of Summer Americana.”

People who’ve gotten their hands on Summer Freeze say the regular version is much better than the zero-sugar version. Mtn Dew is reportedly set to release both the regular and zero-sugar versions in late April, and people are losing it. If a sip of “Summer Americana” sounds too quaint for you, no need to worry. Mtn Dew is also bringing back the classic Baja Blast this summer and introducing newcomers Baja Passionfruit Punch and the extra pink, guava-flavored Baja Caribbean Splash. We’ll be referring to this as the Summer of Soda. Feel free to join us.

UPDATE: Mtn Dew Summer Freeze has been spotted in the wild! On April 17, Dan R. reported to the The Impulsive Buy that the new summertime soda was on shelves at his local Walmart store.

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