Forget School, Lay’s Sandwich Flavors Are Out for Summer

Lay’s is giving us three whole new flavors this Summer, people! Before you ask, no Lay’s did not take any of my suggestions. Not this time. But I am confident they will come to their senses and make all of the flavors I suggested before I am too old and toothless to chew Lay’s potato chips. But until that day comes we shall try the flavors Lay’s hath set forth before us, and this time the three summer flavors they hath set are sandwich themed. “Which sandwiches?!” I hear you cry. Turns out they are doing Baked Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Wavy Cuban Sandwich, and BLT Sandwich flavored chips. You GUYS. Much like a panini, I think you would be hard pressed to find better chip candidates among the sandwich flavors.

Soooo, what will these sandwich Lay’s taste like? Will they pair well with their namesake sandwiches or will the flavors cancel out?

All big questions, to be sure. According to Lay’s, via Food & Wine, the BLT Chips will taste like a combination of “the flavors of smoky bacon and tomato in a savory, crisp spin on one of America’s most beloved sandwiches.” Wavy Cuban Sandwich Chips will taste like “the traditional flavors of pork and cheddar cheese in a fresh take on a classic sandwich.” And the Baked Buffalo Chicken Lay’s will taste like “cheese and zesty buffalo sauce.” And while these all sound great, I still have a couple of questions. Namely, will there be any mustard or pickle flavor to the Cubano chips? Are the buffalo chips actually going to be spicy? If you put BLT chips on a BLT does it become a BLTCFCBLT (a BLT chip filled chip BLT)?

I am so curious to try these with their respective sandwiches to see if the flavors hold up. Lucky for me (and all of you), these sandwich-inspired chips have already made their way to shelves nationwide. BUT if you are going to do a taste test at home, pick them up when you see them, because they are only available for a limited time and we don’t yet know when they’ll be shuffling off to Buffalo, Cuba, and BLT land (or wherever chip flavors go to retire). Not only that but once you get them, Lay’s is asking people to post about whether they are #ChipIn or #ChipOut when it comes to sandwiches, i.e. if you like chips on the sammie (as Rachael Ray would say) or on the side (as I would say because I am team #ChipOut). So, grab some friends, chip in to get these three bags, and let us know what you think (and also your stance on chips in sandwiches).

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